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What it means to be a good student
How to become a good student
What are the signs of a good student

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Dear teachers and my dear friends,

Before I even touch the topic on what it means to be a good student, let's discuss what it means to be a good human. After all, nobody can be a good student without being a good human.

How do you rate someone as a good human or not? Based on what qualifications? Giving away a lot of money to the poor - does it mean to be a good person? If that's the case, then how about the poor people who don't have the money to give away?

What do you think about the people who have dedicated their lives to social work? How about our teachers who love sharing knowledge and finding happiness in the development of their students? How about our own parents who have dedicated their lives to take care of their children?

This is what I think. You don't have to be a social worker to be a good person. Nobody needs to sacrifice their own life for others.

In my opinion, every person has different responsibilities in life:

- Responsibility to the society
- Responsibility to the family
- Responsibility to himself.

What makes a person a good human, in my opinion, is, making sure he fulfils his responsibilities in all aspects.

What the society expects from each person varies according to his social role. For example, if you are a police officer, the society expects you to be with the truth and justice. If you are a politician, you are expected to do good governance. And if you are a student, you still have a social role to play. The social responsibility of students varies according to the location, age, type of school, culture and more. Social responsibility can also be seen as considering proper conduct and behaviour around classmates to ensure they have a pleasant learning environment. Respecting the teachers, helping your classmates and even participating in the social programs organised by your school - they all come under social responsibilities of a student.

Now, let's come to the family. Are the parents the only people who have the responsibility to run the family and we as children just need to study and play? Of course not. Each one of us has a role to play in the family. There are so many things each one of us can do at home to fulfil our responsibilities to the family.

Now, as individuals, what are our responsibilities? Eating on time, sleeping well and studying well? Is that all? Of course, all of these are required but that is only a small part of being good to self. Responsibility towards self is to improve on a continuous basis to become a better person. Few more important things that everyone forgets is to love oneself and take care of our wishes and interests too.

Okay, so, now let's come to the point. What does it mean to be a good student? Last week I asked my friends about the same. Some said studying your portions every day is what makes a good student. Some said respecting the teachers is what it means. Some said helping the classmates solve the complex problems. There were lot more from my friends.

Now, for me, being a good student means a lot more than studying the portions, respecting the teachers, helping the friends and so on. Of course, we need to be all of them. But what is on top of them all is, be a good human. If I am a good human, fulfilling all my responsibilities to the society, family and myself, I am very close to become a good student.


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Essay or speech, both have its own importance and every student must have the greatest quality of framing essays and creating good speeches. When one can have the courage to speak in public, then writing the speeches is also easy.Likewise when essays can be written with flawless language, it is easy for the same student to say in speech format. Nevertheless the good student must be well versed with flawless writing content and that has to include the essay and the speech.

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