What are the Advantages of Extracurricular Activities in Early Education?

Including extracurricular activities in primary schools help the kids to develop their skills beyond the knowledge of subjects. Read this article to know more about the advantages of extracurricular activities in early education.

Education is essential for everybody nowadays. Considering the competitiveness of the era we live in, a person with no educational background suffers from the lack of means of earning money. Thus, it is advised to acquire education through the best alternative available. But is education all about academics? If that would have been the situation, you would have never found extracurricular activities happening in schools all over the world. So that leads to the conclusion that even the extracurricular activities play some role in shaping your personality.
child playing with blocks in preschool
It is easy for mature students to decide which extracurricular activities they are interested in. But when it comes to the children who are too small to understand such things, it becomes crucial for the parents to appreciate the benefits attached to such non-academic activities during the early educational phase of their children. You might be wondering about the advantages of extracurricular activities in early education. Some of them are mentioned below:

Time management skills

Needless to say, time management is a skill that every individual should possess. It not only helps in handling tasks efficiently but also helps in managing stress. Extracurricular activities through their set schedules and time limits inculcate a habit of managing time in your child in an early stage of life itself thus, helping him prioritizing commitments in the future.


Through the process of engaging your children in non-academic events, teachers in preschools (or kindergartens) try to help them in finding out about their own interest. A child may turn out to be good at sports or exceptionally well in singing. These interests would become known to your child only when he is exposed to extracurricular activities.

Physical development

Don't you think that your child should remain fit and healthy even during his early childhood? The answer would obviously be in the affirmative. The involvement of children in extracurricular activities ensures their overall development including the progress of their physical abilities. Improving hand-eye coordination as well as motor skills are also the positive effects of engaging in extracurricular activities from an early age.

Social skills

The one fact we always tend to forget is the essentiality of social skills in the overall development of a child. It cannot be denied that people need one another to survive and this very important aspect is taught to the children through extracurricular activities. These events are so designed so as to include as many children as possible thereby, inculcating in them a sense of team spirit, feelings of brotherhood and mutual understanding. Such qualities become the very foundation of your child's self-esteem.

Involvement in studies

It is a recognized fact that children who remain interested in extracurricular activities and spend their time doing what they like seem more involved in studies too. Such students are satisfied and happy as they invest some part of their day in events in which they are genuinely interested allowing them to remain fresh for the rest of the day to gather the required concentration for studies.


Extracurricular activities in the early education system allow students to learn the concept of focus and concentration. They become goal-oriented individuals with the passage of time as non-academic accomplishments not only generates interest but also align the children towards an objective in life. Your child's motivation and confidence levels will be on the rise if he becomes goal-oriented.


Nowadays, schools have started incorporating various foreign languages in their list of extracurricular activities. If the children are provided with the opportunity of learning different languages from an early age itself, they will be able to rise and shine in a highly competitive world like ours. Also, one should not forget the fact that kids are excellent learners. They tend to learn more through listening and hence, exposing them to languages other than their mother-tongue might prove beneficial for them later.

Sound sleep

Engaging in extracurricular activities which include sports allows your child to get sound sleep. Children who play tend to be sleepy at the right hours. Sleeping and waking up on time helps the child to stay fresh throughout the day thus, allowing him to participate in all school activities effectively. And as the saying goes 'early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise', your child will definitely excel in the future.
kids swmming in a pool

Generating a child's interest in extracurricular activities is easier said than done. In an era wherein electronic gadgets have become the major source of entertainment of children, making them like the outside world remains one of the chief difficulties for parents. It is well-known that lack of sufficient outdoor activities often has a negative impact on children and thereby, howsoever problematic it might appear, parents try to engage their children in extracurricular activitiesMany timeses such problems are solved when the curriculum of a child's early education in schools involves extracurricular activities too and surprisingly, children tend to participate in it.

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