Draw your sketch and guess my sketch

Indoor fun games which can be played by the parents with the children are very enjoyable and help in sharpening the children's mind. This is one such game that enhances the sketching skills of the children.

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This is a group game and requires at least two players. However the real fun of the game is derived when more people are there. This game is already popular in some circles but not known in many areas. It is available in the market as a package but here we would like that children should prepare it themselves as it is very easy to make and handle. It is a great fun to prepare this game for playing and in a family all the members can participate in it.

Stationery required

The following is the list of stationery items required for this game.

  • Small size slip pads or note books having 15-20 pages each. Size at least 3-4 inches wide and 5-6 inches in length. This is the minimum size for drawing the sketch about which we would come to know at a later stage. Bigger slip pads would also do. This pad is required one number per player. If ready made slip pads are not available then one can divide the big paper sheet in smaller parts and staple them on one side. Even the other side of writing papers used only on one side can be used for this game as after use we have to discard them.

  • Sketch pens in two or three colours - one set for each player. One pencil or pen for each player.

  • A note pad for keeping scores.


Let us distribute to each of the players one slip pad, a set of sketch pens and one pen or pencil. All the players have to sit in a circular form say 3-4 of them on a sofa set and others on chairs. Alternatively sitting on the floor on a big mat in a circular fashion would bring more fun in the activity.

How to play

Every person would write on the front page of the slip pad one's name to distinguish as to whom the pad belongs. This is essential as an identification of the owner of that pad. Now everyone should write the name of a thing say like car, doctor, boy, stool, hill, playground etc on the second page and then hand it over to the next person in the circle counterclockwise. Please take care that no one sees the written word except the one to which you have passed it. What the next person would do is go to the next page and draw a sketch with pencil or sketch pens which would mean or resemble that word. At this place a player would take some time to draw and make sure that it looks what is asked to draw by the earlier player. This activity might take 5-6 minutes. Here the creativity is required as how to depict that word in a sketch. Let all the players complete their respective sketches. Now the first and second pages are to be folded back and third page where the sketch is made is to be handed over to the next person in the circle counterclockwise. Let him see the sketch and guess what is it. Let him write his guess in the next page and fold all the three pages backwards and give this fourth page on the top to the next person. Let everyone again sketch on the new word written by the earlier players. Like this the game would go on till the round is finished for all the participants. After this one by one each booklet is to be seen for the correct guesses made and for each guess a score of 1 is given to each of the successful person. One who gets the maximum score in a round wins that round.
Once a round is finished another round can be played with a fresh set of slip pads. Usually a round might take 30 to 40 minutes time.


I have played this game with family members a few times and it is very interesting and children are benefited by it immensely as their imagination flies high in the sky. They can sketch as well as guess what are the other sketches representing. One round of this activity for 5 participants takes about 30-40 minutes and time passes in much rapid way as a lot of suspense and interest is created by this game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What if a player by mistake sees the name of item?
A1: He would not get point for that action. He can continue playing.


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