How the Coronavirus lockdown affected me – a speech/essay for school students

The coronavirus pandemic affected lives across the global spectrum. Here is an essay, highlighting the perspective of a teenager and how the COVID-19 pandemic affected them. In the essay on the coronavirus lockdown for classes VI to X, the student talks about their experience and how it changed him.

The following piece on COVID-19 is an account of the impact of the lockdown through the eyes of a teenager. The writeup can be used by school students to write an essay on the coronavirus lockdown or for making a speech, to describe the following topics:

  • What was your experience during the lockdown?
  • How did you feel during the lockdown due to the pandemic?
  • What did you learn from the lockdown?
  • What are your views on the coronavirus lockdown?
  • How did you deal with the COVID-19 lockdown?

Did the Coronavirus lockdown affect me? Well, yes, it did. I am no different from everybody else, and the lockdown had a bearing on me, the way it did on the rest of the world.

How COVID-19 pandemic changed my life

The COVID-19 pandemic put a brake on my way of living - that is the most polite way to describe how I feel about the whole lockdown situation. Life was going on smoothly, when, out of nowhere, everything around me came to a screeching standstill. With the sudden lockdown imposed upon us, I found myself trapped by the extraordinary and unprecedented circumstances - the nationwide lockdown meant that my school remained shut, for weeks on end, with no glimmer of hope, on its reopening. I missed my besties; though online chats and phone calls gave some respite, they weren't a close enough substitute. I yearned for a physical connection, needless to say; I was bored stiff, annoyed and scared as well. That is how I felt during the first couple of weeks.

The pandemic changed so much, not just for me, but for the entire world. The coronavirus spared no one. Suddenly, the invincible human race became vulnerable, wincing under the power of an unconquerable enemy. I turned thirteen, during the lockdown – a milestone birthday, which otherwise would have warranted a grand celebration, passed by like any other day. There were no presents, no party, no candles on a birthday cake. I am not complaining; my parents promised they would make it up when things turned back to normal. However, I no longer want any of that.

The realisation

Both my parents (papa is in the police, and ma is a doctor) went out to work, every day, which meant that they were in the eye of the storm, every single moment. I said a silent prayer, every time they left home. I was scared and anxious about their wellbeing. My parents had a tough job, while everyone else's parents worked from home, mine had to work, outside the home. They had a tough task of protecting others. My experience with the COVID-19 is not confined to me being locked down; it was more than that; it became a personal battle. And as my parents focused on saving lives, bracing themselves to fight this demon, my worries compounded.

Like every other young teen, my life had been a flurry of activities revolving around academics, extracurricular activities, friends and myself. The pandemic forced those activities to the backburner, for my friends and me; but it also brought a realisation. I no longer take my parents for granted; I appreciate them and know their value in my life. The respect, I have for them, comes from the heart. I have a newfound admiration for doctors, police officers, nurses, sanitary workers, grocery delivery guys and everyone else who worked through the tough times, to make our lives easier. They displayed exemplary courage and strength.

Lessons learnt

I have also come to realise how privileged I am. The heart-wrenching images and videos, on the news, of migrant workers, trying to reach home, touched a chord in me - their plight saddened me. On the other hand, reports of volunteers helping these workers by providing them with water and food prompted a sense of purpose in me, and I vowed to do some good myself. The difficult times brought out the best in many people. I understand now that the real character of a person is made known in stressful times. This pandemic taught me some valuable lessons, which will stay with me for the rest of my life.

It taught me to be compassionate. It taught me to be thankful and most importantly, it taught me to be generous and to give to those in need. I was not allowed to go out and help people, so I did the next best thing. I donated my pocket-money to an organisation providing food to the homeless, and have vowed to continue assisting people in need.

Yes, the lockdown took away the way I used to live, but it also helped me become a better human being. That is the biggest lesson I learnt from lockdown. What lessons did you learn from the COVID-19 pandemic?


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