Coronavirus lockdown essays for primary class students

Write a 450-500 word essay on how you spent your time during the coronavirus lockdown. Describe what you liked about the lockdown and things you did not like. The following essays are suitable for primary school children in classes 3 to 5.

I think most school kids enjoyed the quarantine because they could sleep till late. But what else did they like or hate about the lockdown phase? The following essays on the coronavirus lockdown depict what children of the primary classes went through during this period.

My coronavirus lockdown story – a short essay for class 3-5

I came to know about the coronavirus when the Prime Minister announced the Janata curfew. Mummy said we would not be able to go to Fun City in Ambience Mall in Vasant Kunj. We would have to stay at home during the Janata Curfew. I was disappointed, but I enjoyed banging a stainless-steel plate with a spoon. I hit it hard and made a lot of noise. I hit the plate so hard that I made dents on it. Mummy was not happy, she said, I spoilt a good plate.

I thought the virus would go away with the noise. I did not understand what coronavirus was. Mummy explained what it was and that I must wash my hands and not touch my face, to protect myself. I became sad when we were told about the lockdown and that we had to stay at home. My school was closed, and my parents also worked from home.

I did not like the stay at home because I was in the house the whole day. I had to study without taking breaks, and that was not nice. I could not make a noise at home because mummy and daddy were on conference calls with their office people.

I was angry because I could not order pizza or go out to eat. The didi who cooked for us was not allowed to come to our apartment, so mummy cooked the food every day. My mummy is an excellent cook, and she made my favourite dishes.

My school had online classes, and my teachers gave us a lot of exercises and projects. I found the online classes boring. I like it more when I can answer the questions the teacher asks. Sometimes teachers had online classes through zoom, and sometimes they posted videos. My teachers also sent homework through email and WhatsApp messages. I did not like studying like that. I also did not like staying at home and not seeing my friends. My best friend Anya Singh lives in my society, but I could not play with her because mummy said we had to stay at home.

My school did not have exams, and everyone got promoted to the next class. Anya is in my class, and I am happy. My new class teacher's name is Kiran miss. She is very nice. I like her a lot. She sent me a message saying that she cannot wait to meet me in school. I did not have new books or a new school bag for my new class. Daddy said we would buy them when things become normal. I wished things became normal soon. I missed my friends from school. I missed riding my bicycle and playing with my friends. I am happy that the coronavirus is over and I am back in school.

How I felt during the Coronavirus lockdown (short essay for class 4)

Everyone must have their own quarantine stories. I had a love-hate relationship with it. I loved many things about quarantine and hated some others.

I became so excited by the announcement of the lockdown that I began jumping with joy. Not going to school for three weeks was the best part of the lockdown. Then the lockdown was extended and extended once again. I like going to school, but I don't like waking up early, which I have to do so I don't miss the school bus.

I enjoyed staying at home and attending online classes. My teachers did an excellent job, and they made the online lessons enjoyable. They made short YouTube videos, for most lessons, which was very nice of them. They also assigned us exciting projects and exercises, which were fun. My teachers made an effort to keep us motivated. They also had Q&A sessions, where we could post our queries the previous day, and they would answer them the next day and clear our doubts.

I missed going to school, during the lockdown, especially all the good times I had with my friends. I missed the games period, the school canteen and eating from my friends' tiffin-boxes and their company. But most of all I missed the Report Card day. There were no exams this year, and everyone got promoted to the next class. I missed the special treats I receive from my parents on doing well in my tests.

The plus point of the lockdown was the great family time. We did all the regular stuff - watched movies on Netflix and played board games. However, the most fun was cooking meals together, with my daddy, sister and me assisting mummy. We also took turns doing chores around the house. Jobs were delegated, so yes, I did sweep and mop the floor and even did the dishes.

For the first time, I saw first-hand how hard my parents worked, to ensure we have a good life. The work from home concept, let me see the pressures they face on their jobs. Presentations, deadlines, con-calls, meetings, etc., left them exhausted by the end of the day. I now have a new respect for them.

I was also in contact with most of my friends. We stayed in touch through WhatsApp and Zoom. Fortunately for me, my residence is in a safe zone, so my sister and I could cycle within our campus while practising all mandatory precautions. We wore masks at all times. Since we were stuck together, with no friends, my sister and I have become closer.

Now that the lockdown is over, I miss those days. Life has become busy once again, and I have to wake up early, so I don't miss the school bus.


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