Power of truth is more comparing with lie

In this resource, children reform themselves after reading and understanding the bad happened due to lie. Children can withstand with the power of truth and habituate it. I think the last sentence in this essay would be more impressive for the children.

How did a son become victim in the hands of lie?:

Once upon a time, there was a father and son living in a village. Father was a farmer. Son is studying the fifth class in a nearby school. On Sunday, the son went along with his father to the field to help his father and play there. Firstly, the father hesitated to take his son along with him. But, the son requested his father to come along with him. Finally, the father accepted the desire of his son.

While the father is working in the field, his son is very interested in playing. As the son was naughty, he would like to tell lie about a tiger would have come. The first time, the son called loudly, "O father, come, come. A big tiger came to eat me. Please help me". When his father listened to these words, his legs were trembling and he could not be stopped there. Immediately, he came to rescue his son. But, hi son laughed loudly after seeing the anxiety in the face of his father. The father became very angry but the love towards his son stopped this angry. He went back to restore his work. Now second time, again, the son cried out and shouted loudly about coming of the tiger. But, it is false. This time also, the son deceived his father by his naughty gesture. This time, the son was snapped by his father. The third time, again, the same process had been done by the son. This time, the real tiger is there to swallow the son. With fear, the son cried and shouted and called his father. But, his father thought that it was naughty behavior of his son. The son was killed by the tiger. It is only happened due to telling lies to his father.

According to my opinion, when the truth is followed by lies, truth loses existence in the minds of others. The same thing has happened in the case of the son. Father could not help his son because the lies which were told by his son made the father not react to such an incident. Therefore, children have to be cautious with their behavior because it misleads elders. Elders also would be role models for their children. This small story helps the children to prevent them from not to tell lies.

Children have to be taught about great persons such as Gandhiji, Satya Harichandra, etc. Gandhiji used to give importance to two noble qualities. They are non-violence and truth. He inspired by the play of Satya Harichandra in which Harichandra was rewarded by great sage Viswamitra after imposed by multiple tests to examine the character of Satya Harichandra by creating ruined situations to him. But, ultimately, he conquered over his destiny and got rewards from sage Viswamithra.

How does truth become challenge for Ranti Deva?:

In Sreemadbhagavatham, we can find a character. He is Ranti Deva. With his truthness, he sacrificed all his property for the sake of others. Once gods were coming to him to test severely. How? After losing all his property, one day he arranged the food for his family. They were ready to eat food. Then a poor man was coming there and asked food as he was very hungry. Without a second thought, Ranti Deva gave the food to him. The family of Ranti Deva did not criticize him. They were satisfied to fulfill their hungry by drinking the water. Next, a poor man came there to ask the water as he was very thirsty. At this time, Ranti Deva sacrificed the water also. For these actions, gods were pleased and gave boons to him.

Final word in this essay is a truth never leave in the middle. That means it will take us to our destination.


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