A speech on the aftermath of COVID-19

The whole world is reeling under the effects of the contagious disease COVID-19. It becomes necessary to know about the disease in details and about its remedy. The article contains a speech which explains the pandemic in details.

Human beings, who were accustomed to their busy schedule, including some relaxation with family and friends, have suddenly landed in a mess. A virus, COVID-19, has roughed up human life. Even the medical practitioners, the medical researchers and the other healthcare workers are trying their best to contain the disease, but the world wide situation is still not under control. God's greatest creation, humans, are shattered. Every passing minute is full of fear with no proven solution to put an end to the disease. The world scenario due to the pandemic has completely changed, which is so hollowed and fearful.

The end of 2019 lead to the year 2020 with the most dangerous disease. It is almost the end of May, but the world is fighting for its survival still. Prayers, best wishes, gratitude and caregiving all are going on continuously, but the desired result seems far off. Now, the point is when there is no confirmation about when the pandemic will be over, then the citizens of the whole world must learn to live with it. We need to fight it out smartly, so sharing a speech on what should be the equation of the people and the killer disease COVID-19. The speech follows:

My Respected teachers and hello friends!

After a gap of almost three months, we are back to school. It's a pleasure to come to school as we all can meet each other after a long break. Although you would agree with me that life before the lockdown was more fun than it was during it. Now when life is trying to get back into normalcy, we all are facing umpteen challenges, but we cannot give it up. Each one of us must take a solemn vow to come out of the impact of COVID-19 and also help others to do the same.

Friends, within three months, our life has changed drastically. COVID-19 is a contagious and dreadful disease. No one can be in love with it, but we cannot ignore the patients suffering from the disease. The sufferers are our own, so they need to be taken care of with some precautions. Thus, all of us irrespective of class, age, gender and creed have some responsibilities in wiping out the fearful disease.


social distancing is one such practice which every person in society must follow. Although social media is at its peak, social gathering has no scope in the present scenario. Maintaining a safe distance from others is the call of the day, ignoring it will be murderous.


wearing a mask is mandatory. Why is it so? Friends, we all know that COVID-19 gets transmitted by an infected person's mouth droplets. It also spreads through the conjunctiva of the diseased person. So, is it not right to cover our mouth and nose? Though the medical experts say that only the infected persons should use a mask, what if the infected person does not know about his/her being positive of COVID-19? To be in the safe side, it is always a sensible approach to use a mask. It helps in two ways: stops an infected person from spreading the disease and checks the healthy person from being infected.


frequently washing hand is another way to keep the virus away. Everyone has to understand that the virus is extremely harmful when it reaches the respiratory organ, so hands which we use for eating and touching must be clean as the presence of a virus
can be on any surface.

Friends, another vital point which we all should remember that the health professionals, the police and the sanitation workers are at extreme health risk because they come in close contact with the patients due to the nature of their job. They deserve the respect of society and not ostracisation.

Before concluding my speech, I want to put emphasis on the fact that COVID-19 is not yet under control. There are lots of dos and don'ts, but letting the people of different strata understand and follow them is a daunting task. It's a big responsibility, but if every individual does his/her bit, then the spread of the deadly virus could come to an end with the break in the transmission chain. Thus, overlooking the rules to control the pandemic would lead to the ruin of humankind. Let's be safe, keep others safe and wipe out the deadly disease.

Thank you

The whole world is gasping because of COVID-19, so everyone is impatiently waiting for a vaccine. Let's hope to have one soon, and may the precious human lives get saved!


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