9 Benefits of Having an Online Tutor for Your Kids

Are you considering online learning for your kids? Check out the benefits of online learning.

The methods by which children are learning now are different from those of the past generations. Learning, for most parts of the globe, has evolved from chalkboards and notebooks to tablets and laptops. Your kids can now conveniently get an education by engaging online tutors. Many benefits come with hiring online tutors for your kids. Look at the following 9 benefits of having an online tutor for your kids.

1. Concentrate On a Particular Subject

You may find that your kids need extra help in a subject. For instance, if your child is a mathematics wiz but needs to improve in English spelling and grammar, you can choose an online English tutor. Mainstream education allocates certain specific hours and time slots to an array of subjects. However, with an online tutor, you can decide which subject needs more time and attention. Given the choice, your kids will choose to work on the subject that they feel more comfortable with or excel in. However, online tutors are trained to make the learning experience interactive, fun, and engaging so that your child looks forward to working on any subject. This is especially useful for subjects that your child tries to avoid simply because traditional classroom learning has not worked well for them. Fun and engaging classes that focus on the subject can increase the interest of the child and enhance his understanding of the basic concepts.

2. Concentrate On a Particular Topic

Tutors can recognize when a topic isn't sitting well with a child. The progress achieved by your child is determined by their understanding of the topic and not measured by the time taken to complete the lessons. The online tutor can tailor the lessons to the requirements of your child and monitor how well your child responds and understands the topic. Once the tutor is convinced about the progress, the tutor can move on to discuss the subsequent topics.

3. Personalized Learning Style

Mainstream education often doesn't consider the fact that different kids have different learning styles. Some kids are great at visual learning, which is learning by seeing depictions and illustrations. Other kids fare better at auditory learning or learning through sounds. Kinesthetic learners remember and learn concepts by doing practical projects, while the reading and writing learners enjoy study notes.

Online tutors are trained to recognize your kids' learning styles. Having identified the suitable learning method, the tutors package the lessons in a way that best suits your kids' learning style. Many children fail in subjects not because they're bad at the subject, but because of how the subject is being taught. In such cases, the teaching method isn't in sync with the child's preferred learning style.

4. Your Kids Learn More Than The Syllabus

Tutor-student professional relationships are formed through online learning. By forming these relationships, your kids learn life skills that are not taught in textbooks. Your kids learn conversational skills, listening skills, and technical skills. These skills are nurtured in the one-on-one space that's created during online learning.

5. Online Multi-Cultural Learning

The chances of your kids being taught by a teacher who comes from the same geographical area, shares a similar belief system, and speaks the same language are high if your child attends classes in a mainstream educational institution. On the other hand, the diverse pool of online tutors helps your kids in terms of multi-cultural and diverse communication. A tutor can live on a different continent from yours. This means that they're exposed to diversity at a young age. Your kids learn that the world comprises people with diverse origins and backgrounds which is a normal aspect of life. Your kids also learn how to communicate multi-culturally and become comfortable with different people in a respectful manner.

6. Work At The Pace Of Your Child

Online tutors are trained to analyze kids' learning pace and adapt the lessons accordingly. This is different from mainstream education where all children in a class are expected to keep pace with the teacher. This means that certain children fall behind. Unfortunately, the children that lag with the standardized pace of learning are labelled as 'slow learners. The fact that children are different individuals who learn and grasp concepts differently is disregarded. Online tutors work at the pace of your child. This means that the confidence of your child isn't damaged because of undue comparison with other students who may be learning faster.

7. Flexible And Convenient

Online tutoring is flexible and convenient for your kids' lifestyles. Online learning takes into consideration that your kids have a life full of other activities. They need to socialize and play. You can organize online learning with a tutor at a time that suits you and your family. This helps in efficient time management and allocation. The kids are happy because they can choose the time of the lessons.

8. Online Tutors Help You - The Parent

Being a parent means wearing different hats throughout the day to make sure that your kids are brought up in the best environment. Online tutors are there to help you nurture your child's mind while you take care of other things. You get valuable time for yourself to unwind.

9. Learn With Your Kid

Online tutoring means that you can join your kids during the learning sessions. Perhaps you wish to take notes on what your child is learning so that you can also be a part of the teaching and learning process. You can also see for yourself how your child is fairing rather than relying on traditional report cards. All the while, you can bond with your child while you both learn and enjoy the topics and subjects together. This will only work if you make sure to let the tutors do their jobs and resist interfering and taking over!


Investing in an online tutor for your kid is investing in your kid's education and development. You carry on with your day, knowing that your child's educational needs are taken care of in the convenience, comfort, and protection of your home. Remember the above-mentioned nine benefits of having an online tutor for your kids.


Author: K Mohan04 Sep 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

The online tutor for kids has not taken that much momentum in India till the recent past however after the announcement of pandemic and the lock down thereof, the schools and the parents felt that children must be taught from the homes and if they need the extra care, then go for online tuition to which many parents got agreed because the child would be stay put at the home and yet listen to school and tuition teachers class attentively. A child may not get acquainted with the parents in terms of studies but need the help of the teacher and tuition teacher to clarify the doubts much better. As the online tuition would be one to one the would get to understand everything without any fuss.

Author: Swati Sharma09 Nov 2020 Member Level: Silver   Points : 7

Because of the increasing infection of Coronavirus, online classes of children have been going on for many months. So that children's education is not affected due to lockdown. Children are studying at home from their parents' mobiles, desktops, or laptops. By the way, the online class has opened a new path in the field of education in the country and it is likely to expand in the future. Most of the children are also enjoying the online class very much. One of the best benefits of studying at home is that it saves the time of children going to school and college. During this remaining time, children are also able to do extracurricular activities according to their interests. Since children do not go to school and study from home, they do not feel any kind of fatigue. Children can study at home according to their mood. When the child feels like he can download and watch the class according to his time. Children are always in front of their parents in the house, so it is very beneficial in terms of security. Parents also get to know what problems their child is facing in their studies.

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