Tips To Give You A Better Chance Of Winning A Scholarship

Are you looking for scholarships for your education? Learn some tips to improve your chances of getting a scholarship.

Education is a significant part of an individual's lifetime, and some people even dedicate half of their lives to studying. While education remains as one of the essential assets, it's undoubtedly expensive, especially once you step into your college level. As scary as this may sound, college will become even more costly in the next few years.

If you still haven't reached college, now is the best time to prepare your educational funds.
The Financial Struggles of Studying Approximately, student loan debts this year have reached $1.56 trillion, proving that the financial crisis within student borrowers is getting worse from $1.41 trillion in 2019. These loan debts can significantly impact their educational performance, as they feel more burdened to thrive in studying. During these dire times, students are desperate for financial assistance to fund their education.

Thankfully, students can relieve their financial stress from loan debts and other borrowing options by applying for a scholarship. However, most students think that they don't stand a
chance unless they're academically-gifted. But, there are scholarship programs today that offer
opportunities for different types of students.

What Is A Scholarship?

Scholarships are grants given to a student to cover educational expenses throughout the scholarship program's given period. Scholarship programs are usually merit-based or based on the student's financial needs.

In a merit-based scholarship, financial assistance is provided according to academic achievements and/or a student's specific talent or interest. When a scholarship is established upon financial needs, it usually awards students in the lowest sectors according to the household's financial income.

Fortunately, finding scholarships, both online and offline, are becoming more accessible
nowadays. If you want to discover more scholarship options, an excellent strategy is to search for
scholarship websites within your city.

After choosing your prospective scholarship programs, read the following tips on how to
increase your chance of winning them:

1. Assess Your Eligibility Before Application Submission

To choose the right students deserving of the spot, every scholarship has an agreed set of
requirements. While you're still searching for scholarships, take note that scholarship eligibility
isn't all about measuring intelligence, especially since not all students excel in that aspect. Thus, before preparing any documents for your application, examine the requirements, then assess your qualifications.

The better your qualifications, the higher chances of winning the scholarship. Here are some of
the most common requirements for every type of scholarship:

- No requirements: These scholarships are the most difficult to win. Although you're
100% eligible to apply, anticipate that there will be flooding applicants.
- With academic requirements: This is a common type of scholarship wherein students
have to maintain a certain GPA or test score. Upon application, they also have GPA and
unit requirements to filter applicants.

When you apply for this, you have to present proof of your academic achievements.
- With financial requirements: They prioritize students with extreme financial needs involving their living conditions. Usually, these programs ask for your parents' or guardians' annual income.

If you're past their income requirements, then you're not eligible.
- With extracurricular requirements: You can obtain a scholarship through extracurricular involvement. If you're a part of an athletic, musical, or any organization of
your school, you'll stand a chance in these scholarships.

2. Submit As Many Applications As You Can

Don't be too certain on one scholarship application because having the highest possibility is still a "possibility." Prior to the scholarship application season, gather as many scholarship programs as possible, and prepare your requirements in each scholarship. Sending out more applications will give you a better chance of winning one, or maybe two or more.
If you're going to apply in numerous scholarships, make sure that you'll allot your time and efforts for every one of them. Practice efficient time management by placing reminders on
submission deadlines. It can be overwhelming to comply with your requirements at the last
minute, especially if you're still studying.

However, if you'll obtain more than one scholarship, take note that you'll have to choose only one to proceed. Most scholarship programs can't be paired with another, so the best thing to do is choose the scholarship with the most benefits or easiest to maintain for you.

3. Make An Impression On Your Essay

To get to know students on a more personal level, scholarship programs like to include an essay
part in the application. Writing an impactful essay is important to your scholarship
admission. Although you might be good or not in writing pieces, create an impression on your
essay by showcasing your identity and dedication to your goals.

Typically, you'll encounter the essay question, "Why do you deserve this scholarship?" Because this question has become mainstream, it's a challenge to avoid being generic with your answers.

It's important to maintain honesty while writing and narrating how the scholarship will
contribute, not only to your educational endeavors, but also your overall living condition.

4. Ask Advice From Past Scholarship Winners

Being a consistent scholar is tough, proving that you can remain academically stable despite
personal hardships throughout the path. For firsthand experiences of being a scholar, you can ask
past scholarship winners some questions and advice that you can't usually search on the internet.

These inputs are relevant to your scholarship journey since they'll share genuine life experiences that you might also experience in the future.

Talking to past scholars can motivate you to pursue your education more than just maintaining
scholarships. You can gain not just scholarship advice, but surviving college life in general.

5. Secure Letters Of Recommendation Early

Recommendation letters are essential to your scholarship application since it increases your
chances of getting one. Since they can't meet you face-to-face during the evaluation, they'll rely on recommendation letters, which will reflect your character outside academic grades.
Weeks before submitting your application, plan your recommendation letters because this is one
of the most stressful parts of acquiring a scholarship. Notify your professors and counselors
before the deadlines as other aspiring scholars will also ask for recommendation letters during
the scholarship application season.

When asking for a recommendation letter, choosing the right person to recommend you is also
important. For instance, if you're pursuing physics in college, it's advantageous to request a recommendation letter from your physics professor than in social studies.

Bottom Line

Applying for a scholarship is a challenging task while jumbling your academic requirements.
After getting admitted to the scholarship, your responsibilities will not stop. To ease your financial burden upon entering your university, applying for a scholarship can yield into worthwhile results, as long as you keep your eye on the prize and consider these tips
discussed in the article.


Author: K Mohan09 Jul 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

The author has given nice write up which could be followed in full for getting the desired scholarship for the children who are interested to pursue higher studies. Surely education has become more competitive and those who are well versed can alone only cope up and get into the top ranker position. For that constant studies, referring good books of good authors and scoring good marks are important. Once the ranking has been secured, one must concentrate on how to go about along with other students profess wise and perform one step further to grab the opportunity of securing the scholorships.

Author: sharada23 Jul 2020 Member Level: Silver   Points : 3

It is really a good gist of information but is there any scholarship for students below 10th standard besides the backwards communities. Students from backward communities are getting a regular scholarship every year. Those students who do not fall under this category are not benefitted at all. Suggest the authorities who are providing scholarships for general category students, who are really on the need for financial aid.

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