Best Robotics Kits and Course For Kids

Is your child interested in robotics and STEM? Read this post to find the list of best tool kits that can be used by kids above 4 years of age. These tools will help in sparking the interest in STEM in kids.

Robotics and other combinations will make the world pretty fantastic compared with today.
~Bill Gates

Every phase of modern human life has been enraptured by science and technology. Ranging from the smartphone we hold in our hands to browse Facebook, up to the smart house we live in, there are various cantles of technology that have been utilized. The frontiers of science and technology have evolved throughout the past decades and have transformed our vision of life.

Robotics will transform our near future dramatically and will impact our lives, the way we work, live, drive and the whole society in general.

Understanding AI and Robotics will become potent as reading and writing But we're not prepared for that yet. There are only a handful of people who understand Robotics and AI and thus that's the reason we haven't reached proficiency in it.

And this is the reason why we're cajoled to make these technologies familiar to teenagers because, if AI and technology are going to modify our everyday life and robots will be all around in a few years, today's kids and teenagers need to learn the basics as they will be the engineers that build this future.


Robotics for Kids

Robotics is one of the keys to the going industrial and cultural revolution with a strong influence on economics shortly.

According to the digital economy and society index, 90% of jobs today need some level of digital skills. Not only coding or tech jobs will need them. With Artificial Intelligence and Robotics acquiring even simple tasks, more and more employees will be needed with creative and problem-solving skills. However, the commencement of robotics in schools cannot only be the conclusion of economic considerations.

Technology is continuously transforming our society. So pupils and students need to learn to think critically as well as to be able to control and create their own digital experience. Rather than be consumers of digital technologies, we want kids to become the creators of them.

Teaching young kids computational thinking and Robotics and empowering them to understand how digital technologies work is crucial to make sure that they can become empowered by digital technologies as creators and not merely be users of it.

So here's a list of some most used and popular Robotics kits for kids and courses which you could consider to make your kid familiar with Robotics and AI.
children making robot

Robot Kits for Kids

Lego Boost

Lego Boost teaches kids in two-
  • The builds are a lesson in mechanics, teaching how the motor, gears, and pieces fit jointly to make a moving robot.

  • Also, it's tablet app is full of programming challenges and contests to command the robot to do what you want him to do.

  • One Lego Boost kit lets you build five robots, one at a time. That's since the "brains" of each robot is the Move Center, a small box secured in Lego bricks. It also contains the batteries, the Bluetooth chip that communicates with your tablet and a friendly green power button to use.
    Lego Boost also comes with a play that you can use to help you arrange your programs.

    Real School also offers a Lego Boost like Kit R.A.M.A., a Real School Automation Machine for Advanced Robotics in Robotics Bootcamp. It's the best platform to design and create your imagination. You can pick up the components and assemble them into the most amazing robots you can think of.

    Robolink Rokit Smart

    Rokit Smart is the original programmable robot kit. This Kit is perfect for those who want to begin learning code. This kit offers features like:-
  • Building 11 different robots from a single kit.

  • Rubber band shooters, line-trackers, sumo wrestlers, anything one can imagine.

  • You also get a real circuit board and real tools to work with.

  • Construct your mechanical aptitudes whereas learning approximately circuitry and engineering.

  • It moreover comes with straightforward step-by-step instructional exercises to construct and program any of the 11 robots.

  • And lastly, Rokit Smart is made with Arduino, one of the most recognisable and used open-source environments for programming. We at our Bootcamps conduct interesting workshops and masterclasses for kids to make learning a fun experience. Our online workshops help kids clear out fundamental concepts, which is also the motto of Real School.

    Botley the Coding Robot: Ages 5+

    Botley offers a lot of fun and brainstorming coding activities for kids to enjoy. It does not need a computer or app to function, which makes it a great screen-free application to make kids learn to code.

    Botley is a colourful robot and its remote control combo teaches kids starter code. Users can program their Botley coding robot by entering a code on the remote and then ask Botley to 'run the code'.

    Kids can learn the basic concepts of coding like algorithms, loops and debug while using this Kit.

    These are coding blocks that even a kid of 5-year-old can understand and be proficient in. It is completely screen-free, which may be an incredible highlight of this coding robot toy, particularly for the more youthful kids.

    Coding at a tender age is not just about computers. Learning to code offers many perks beyond the computer screen. Kids who learn the basic concepts of coding will also be building their ability to problem-solving and thinking creatively.

    Real School covers all school curriculum subjects and skills through its workshops.
    Students are then pushed into workshops that ensure proficiency in particular subjects. They are even taught how to use a 3D printer and how to make real life based projects.
    robot components

    Robobloq Coding Robot with Puzzle Card for Kids 3-8

  • QoBo is an ideal robotics kit for kids thinking about starting to code who are interested in STEM learning.

  • With all parts ready, one can make a robot in a very short time of less than an hour.

  • Also due to its easy accessibility and comprehension, even schools and workshops can find it suitable for curriculum integration and other educational purposes.

  • It's features included figuring converts from robot mode to car mode and back.

  • Its kit Includes a figure, 1 accessory (action key for transforming) and a sticker, which is completed in 17 steps.

  • It's suitable for kids of more than 4+.

  • Its Programmable robot car is based on micro which is a bit programmable to compute.

  • Real School's masterclasses and boot camps believe in teaching the most fundamental concepts. Students here have designed and created some amazing models ranging from understanding the concept of LDR and applying it in real life to making their cleaning robots, street lights, home security system and many more.

    Robotic Course for Kids

    Robotics is a necessary component to build your child calibre. And it must start right from the basics. Real School helps you to know how to get your kid started, we have formed some best robotics courses and boot camps for children that will help your kid to excel in robots from basic to advanced.

    In Real School, we aim to enhance computational thinking, which is the ability to solve problems, instead of working on a specific language or a single model of educational robots.

    Our goal is to teach children the basics of programming first, so that they can understand and learn any language and how to program any robot smoothly. The basic thing to be proficient in this is to understand the working of machines and how to communicate with them, and we must do so from cross-learning. We work on various areas of subjects such as programming, robotics, designing and also on electronics, engineering or project management.

    Want to Know, How to Design a Flying Cat Game? We, at Real School, conduct workshops on web development, Programming, pattern recognition and many more. So, Book your slot and acquaint your kid with astonishing concepts.

    About the Applied Robotics Bootcamp

    Our Applied Robotics Bootcamp is a 6-8 month program that will take you through the anatomy of a Robot right from the basics of motors, to sensors to the logic board including the programming and the user interface and usage of these bots.

    Some of the Projects that are Covered in BootCamp

  • Home assistance

  • Gardener Bot

  • Food delivery drone

  • Home surveillance Radar

  • Coconut Harvester Robot

  • T-shirt folding Robot

  • Flood control Robot

  • Human sensing Bathroom Glass wiper

  • Multi-level Car Parking Machine

  • Stark industry's Trebuchet

  • Telepresence Robot

  • Mouse- Trap Robot

  • Conclusion

    Teenagers and kids always have been and always will be our future engineers, specifically when it comes to the development and operation of new technologies, we can always look to our little future innovators.

    Great innovators like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg etc and their greatest achievements of flourishing technology companies don't have an influence only on well-educated millennials, but also on young youth that understands the potency of new technologies. And there's only one thing which we could do to access these modern technologies and related knowledge and education.


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