The Selfish Giant life story

Hello Children! Would you like to read stories? Here is the interesting story for you to enjoy. By reading this story you could enjoy the time and should follow the moral values in your life too. Ok children, Let's start to read the story! This story is about a Giant who understood that the bounty of nature should be prevent and enjoyed by all.

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Children visited the Giant's garden every afternoon. The garden have lush green lawn, studded, stars like flowers. There were twelve peach trees. They were laden with blossoms of pink and pearl in spring and fruits in autumn. Birds sang melodiously. At times, children paused their games to listen to the songs of the birds. The giant was away to visit his friend. The Giant returned from Cornish Ogre's castle. After enjoying his brief conversation for seven years. He did not relish children playing in his garden. As he was very selfish, he built a tall compound wall around his castle. He put up the notice board "Trespassers will be prosecuted".
Children stopped coming to giant's garden. They were sad. Nature saw the selfishness of the Giant and sorrow of the children and with held spring and summer for years. Inside the Giant's castle, it was winter and there was hailstorm all through the year. The giant was puzzled as to why spring and summer stayed out his garden. The Giant couldn't understand why spring and summer had abundoned his garden for years. He was infact pained to see the white cloak of his garden all through the year. He was puzzled how the trees outside his castle bloomed and bore fruits too. One day, he heard the melodious song of a bird. He looked out of his window. He saw his entire garden smiling with bright flowers. On each tree some children were playing.
Through a hole in the wall, children sneaked into the Giant's garden. Children climbed the trees and started playing. Trees responded with blossoms. Birds flew in and started singing melodiously. The Giant saw the pleasant change through a window was glad at the return of spring. The giant was overjoyed to see the flowers and birds. He watched the children playing on the trees. His trees were laden with fragrant flowers. But there was one tree still clothed in white snow. Beneath that tree, a little boy was crying and he was unable to climb the tree. The tree bent its branches. Being too small, he could not climb the tree. Seeing the little boy in distress, the giant was moved. He slowly approached the boy. Other children saw the giant's entry and ran away.
The Giant lifted the little boy gently and placed him on a branch. The little boy kissed him. He was touched by the little boy's act. A great change came over the Giant. He removed the compound wall and invited the children to play. Everyday he longed to see the little boy who kissed him. He enquired the other children about him. They did not know where he lived.
Years rolled by. The Giant had become old. One day, the Giant noticed the little boy standing below the same little tree, where they had met. The Giant was overjoyed and rushed to meet him. The Giant observed scars on his palms, toes and head. He became furious. But the child pacified him and said that they were the marks of love. The boy invited the Giant to his place that is Paradise in return for his kindness. The next day, the giant's body was found below the little tree covered with white blossoms.
The moral of the story is God has created nature and beautiful things and seasons for the use of all. Sheltering the bounty of nature for personal use alone is a selfish action.


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