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The Addams Family Coloring Pages

The article has the coloring pages of The Addams Family characters. You can share these coloring pages to your kids on a Halloween day and have them enjoy the day coloring these spooky characters. Print them and share them with your kids. Kids have fun coloring pages.

Finley the Fire Engine - Coloring Page for Kids

In this article we have provided some coloring pages of Finley the fire engine characters. Its easy to get their printouts and your kids will love to color their favorite cartoons. you an also share these printable with your friends. Have fun coloring.

Oswald the Octopus - Coloring Page

In this article we have the coloring page of Oswald the Octopus characters that you can share with your kids. These printables are easy to print. Have fun coloring.

Printable Mazes for Kids - Simple & Easy

Hi kids in this article I have few simple maze that you can work with. Are you parent of kid or a teacher looking out for some simple & easy maze that you can share with your kids & student have a look at this printable maze.

How to Draw a Boat - Printable Instructions of How to Draw a Boat Scenery

Drawing is fun. This article has printable worksheet of how to draw a boat and create a scenery with it. Kid have great imagination skills. Let us help them draw and improvise their skills. This article also has an video demonstration which has the step by step instruction that you can show to your kids.

Clay Making Idea1 - How to Make Clay Elephant

Clay making is an interesting activity. Interested on knowing about how to make Clay Elephant on your own. This article has the step by step instructions of how to make clay elephant. Clay making ideas are just a click now. Read article for more details. There is an video demonstration at the end on the article for you.

Simple Find the Difference Printable Worksheet

Have a look to get few printable worksheets that can be shared with your kids and have them find the difference in it. Finding the difference hidden inside the picture will be an interesting and fun filled activity for your kids.

Tamil alphabets coloring page

This article has the printable coloring pages that you can share with your kids and enjoy coloring & learning Tamil alphabets. Learning is fun when it is done with some fun activities.

Diwali printable coloring pages for kids

Are you looking for some coloring pages for Diwali this year? Find our featured Diwali coloring pages, which you can download, print and share with your kids and their friends.

Diwali Printable Greeting Cards

Are you looking for printable greeting cards. I have shared few here in this article. All you need is to do is Print it, Cut it and Paste it on to a thick sheet to make a greeting card.

Sea Animals printable coloring page for kids

Are you looking for sea animals like Dolphin, Whale, Shark, Jelly fish, Star fish and lots more. Would you like to color them all. Here we are providing some beautiful sea animals coloring pages that can printed out for your kids.

Tamil Alphabets Worksheets for Kids

Looking for printable worksheets of Tamil alphabets. This article has it for you. Now you can help your kid learn the language and the worksheet will help them write it as well. Tracing the letters will also help them develop their handwriting.

Identifying your kids talent

We as parents are responsible for our kids talents. It is our vital role to find and nurture that talent. Need help in identifying your kids hidden talent? Read article for more interesting information.

How to Make Paper Craft - Paper Strawberry

Paper folding is an interesting form of a craft. In this post, you are going to learn how to make a Strawberry using paper. You will find step by step instructions of this craft work to make this beautiful strawberry. Read the instructions given below to learn how to make paper Strawberry in an easy and interesting manner. There is a full step by step video also provided at the end.

Simple Rangoli coloring page

In this article I have shared few coloring rangoli pages that you can share with your kids. Playing with colors is also fun for kids and hence help them to color the rangoli with colors they like.

Tips for mothers how want to Work from home

We woman stepping into the stage of mother take full responsibility of our kids. Working from home makes it possible to tackle most of our financial issues at home or will give a supporting hand to our spouse. Would you like to know how you can balance it? Read article for more details.

Dot-To-Dot Animals Puzzles for Kids Age 7 and Above

Puzzles are always interesting to try. Now let us find out what is hidden inside these dots. Start counting the numbers. Get ready with your pencil. You can also paint them after you find the animal hidden.

Jack and Jill Rhymes followed by its meaning

Jack and Jill Rhymes is one popular rhymes taught in school to all the kids. Do you know when this rhymes started to spread. Would you like to know about the true story hidden inside this poem. Read article for more interesting factors

How to handle kids who talks back when you teach them good behaviors

Children while growing in an environment surrounded by people who keeps arguing for many a situation tend to adapt the process of talking back when you try teaching them something good. This habit needs to be controlled. Read this article to help your kids get rid of this bad behavior

Chocolate Dipped Biscuits Easy Evening Snack for Kids

Kid loves to have a snack on returning home. We as a parent love to provide them nutritious food whereas kids love to eat junk food as their snack always. There are many recipes that can be easily prepared at home which will attract our Busy Bees at home. Here is one like that for you.

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