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Importance Of Helpers Around Us

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This article is directly addressed for all kids. With this article they will come to know the various helpers around us and their importance in our life. They will know about our direct and indirect helpers and why do we need them. The importance and benefits of human interdependencies in society also highlighted.

Importance of Helpers around us

Human beings are social in nature. Being a part of our society, we exhibit a social behavior too. In our social environment, we take care of others and they care us too. A kid depends on its family for its all needs. Parents, relatives and neighbors take care of the kid. It is the responsibility of parents to give teach Etiquette and Manners to their kids at home. As soon as he grows up to a responsible person, starts to serve other in one or more ways and also needs help of others. He either starts some occupation or does a job. With the type of work he does, becomes a direct or indirect helper for others in society.
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Types of Helpers around us

There are a number of helpers around us, whom we need most necessarily to complete our daily life routine. Our helpers can be classified in 2 categories:

  • Direct Helpers

  • Indirect Helpers

Direct Helpers

Helpers who come to our contact regularly and we usually talk to them for our needs are called direct helpers. For example: Parents and neighbors are the direct helpers for a kid. But for a grown person a number of direct helpers like a Security guard at gate, doctor, and lawyer, Barber, Carpenter available to provide their supports while needed.

Indirect Helpers

Helpers who do not come directly in our contact but serve us indirectly are called indirect helpers. For Example: A Soldier standing at the border of our nation never comes to our contact but he is providing us security from international threats. The Police administration provides us security from evil elements and criminals in our society and terrorists.

Why do we need different types of helpers?

As we can't bring all of our required goods from their origin source like new paper from press, vegetables from farms, packed food from factories and can't do all works ourselves like securing our society, school, offices at their gate, prescribing medicine while illness and building our house etc. so we need persons who can do these jobs for us. So our different types of needs and inability to do our every work ourselves, forces us to take help of others.

Helpers around us

Have you ever think about various types of helpers, who help us directly or indirectly in your daily life? Let us discuss over some of these helpers and how they help us in different ways.

A News Paper Hawker

In morning, most of us like to sip a cup of tea with news paper. The news paper hawker delivers this news paper door to door before we get up early in the morning without bothering good or bad weather.

Doctor & Nurse

A doctor is the life giving personality. He not only prescribes his patient but also gives moral support to patient. The nurse serves the patients like mother and sister in hospitals.


A teacher is the future maker of a nation. A good teacher serves his country and society with giving better education to his students. He prepares doctors, engineers and officers for the future. He must be respected in the society for doing such an important work.

Engineer, Architect and Labors

Architect & Engineer

These persons develop infrastructure of the nation. They contribute to work different fronts like constructing our homes to live in as well as all buildings like offices to work, school and colleges to read, malls for shopping and mega structures like bridges to travel and stadiums to play and dams to generate electricity etc. These components of infrastructure are most necessary to make not only a good society, a city but also a nation. Architects design the structures and do interior designing of such monuments whereas engineers with the support of labors and many more helpers works on there projects to complete them.

Now let us discuss some other very useful helpers who help us in our daily life but usually we do not put any attention over them.

Security Guard

When going to your school, you would have seen security guards at your society compound and school gates. A security guard can guard a house, a society, an office or a school and colony. They protect us from thieves and stray animals on road. We usually see them, get their salute on gate and some time we ignore them too. But actually, we should wish them too and thank them for their services. This, not only increase their morel but also expedite their loyalty towards their respective work.

Police man

Police force is the most necessary component of any administrative system. Police controls crime in our society and provides us a peaceful and protective society to live in. It provides us many types of freedoms also such as –
  • Freedom to move everywhere without fear of being looted

  • Feel free from our home, when we are away for holidays

  • Theft control

  • Safety from anti social elements and criminals

  • Safety from terrorists

  • And many more ….

  • Soldier

    Soldiers from Air-force, Army and Naval forces secure our nation from external enemies of our country. Forces help us to remain citizen of an independent country. Forces keep us safe from terrorists also. Their service for our nation has remained admiral from-ever. A soldier is always ready to die for his nation. We must feel proud of them and their spirit for patriotism should be saluted by every countryman.

    Other helpers like barber, tailor, plumber carpenter, cobbler and porter etc.


    There are many more helpers we have in our society such as barber to get our haircut, a tailor stitches our clothes, carpenter makes or repairs our furniture and a cobbler mends our shoes while the porter helps us to carry heavy loads. Likewise there are many other helpers, we require in our daily life routine.

    Importance of Human interdependencies

    The basic need for others bounds all persons to each other and makes our social environment friendly, closer and interdependent. These dependencies and requirements generate relations of friendship, neighborhood and love in society.

    For Coloring pages of different helpers around us please visit Our Helpers coloring page.
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