Free Printable Dot to Dot Pictures

Joining the dots pictures or connect the dots pictures- it's one of the most interesting activity for kids. StudyVillage has a lot of free printable dot to dot pictures and drawings that you can download and give your kids to connect them to make beautiful images. If you are looking for connect the dots images for your children, browse through our collection of free printable dot to dot pictures and worksheets. They are free to download, print and use for personal use. Feel free to use them in your schools and nurseries to keep your kids engaged.

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Dot to Dot pictures for UKG and LKG children

Here are some dot to dot picture worksheets for all age groups, especially kids. Below you could find pictures of certain vegetables, fruits, flowers, house items and lot more. You have to join the dots and complete the pictures. Read the following article to know more.

Dot to Dot Pictures for Vegetables

Worksheets for dot to dot pictures of vegetables are captioned with type of vitamins they contained. This information for kids is useful to tell how important vegetables are for our health. These worksheets will help them to understand why they should eat every vegetable to intake different types of vitamins.

Join the dots and make pictures

In this article you will get many dotted pictures., you have to join these dots and make it a beautiful creature or painting. Making a picture from dots is really very easy task. Your children will surely like these dotted pictures.

Dot to Dot Pictures On Indian Independence Day

In this Article, beautiful dot to dot drawings are provided for kids to feel fragrance of freedom. Slogans are also added to drawings for better understanding of children. Parents should tell their children efforts and devotions of martyrs for getting our freedom and let them feel that the freedom is priceless.

Dot to Dot Worksheets for Kids of All Ages

Kids enjoy dot to dot worksheets as they get to draw as well as color the desired image. Dot to dot worksheets are known to enhance concentration skills in children as well their creativity skills. This article provides 13 such printable dot to dot worksheets which can be enjoyed by children of all age groups.

Complete the Picture by Joining the Dots

These kind of activities help the children to develop various skills like picking pencil, colouring etc. They also learn numbers. Here is a picture of something unknown, complete the picture by joining the dots from number one to thirty six. You can also colour the picture after the completion of picture. Take help from the parents whenever you need.

Dot-To-Dot Animals Puzzles for Kids Age 7 and Above

Puzzles are always interesting to try. Now let us find out what is hidden inside these dots. Start counting the numbers. Get ready with your pencil. You can also paint them after you find the animal hidden.

Kindergarten Dot to Dot Printables

Dot to Dot printables are very helpful for small kids to teach them numbers and alphabets sequence wise and also improves their hand movements and eye co-ordination.The child gets enthusiastic in drawing them to find out the picture. So here I have attached some printables for Kindergarten kids.

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