Simple Physics Projects for Kids

Physics is the scientific study of the fundamental structure of matter, energy, and their interactions and it can be learn in an easy way with the help of projects and experiments. In this section of Study Village you can find the Physics Projects for Primary, Elementary, Middle and High School Students and Teachers.

Physics Projects under this section are very easy to understand and perform, you will get step wise instructions to prepare your projects so go ahead and use these projects for your Science fair or school home work.

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Make a Volcano for Science Project Quickly

Here is a simple and quick way to make a paper volcano for your school project. You can also learn the whole process with the video at the end of this article. The project is suitable for children of 6th to 9th standards.

Physics Project: How to Use Electricity to Make a Touch-Me-Not circuit

The project aims at making electrical circuit with the help of a 6-volt battery. This is a very simple and safe circuit for the children that can be used to play with the friends. The circuit is made up of a thin copper wire with a bulb holder attached to it that can be used as a touch-me-not circuit.

How to Make a Simple Microscope at Home?

The article explains the procedure to make a simple microscope at home for the kids and others alike. The materials required to make the simple microscope included only a plastic bottle and a plane mirror. Simple microscope is the practical application of the refraction of light through a drop of water. The article also explains the reasons why the simple microscope can be made with these objects.

Physics Projects for School

Did your teacher ask you to do a physics project for your school? This article gives a general idea on how to do investigatory projects in Physics and how to find topics for projects.

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