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Fun Time is the time which is loved by not just by students but by people of all age group. So we at Study Village bring this section of Fun Time for all of you which include lots of activities for your fun. Enjoy these fun filled activities that are introduced in this section in form of riddles, jokes, and other activities. It's all here what you wish to see, all at Study Village's Fun Time Section. Have a great time with your family and kids and share some great moments. And that's not all if you have something to contribute in the Fun Time Section just post it right here and you may earn some part time revenue for the same.

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Test Your Brain with the Memory Test Exercise

Here are some exercises for you to test your brain and memory power. The worksheet provides various words starting with the English Alphabets. Just go through the worksheets and memorize it in the same order given below. Read the following to know more.

How to Celebrate Holi in School

Looking for some interesting ideas to celebrate Holi in schools and preschools? Read on to know about some cool ideas to celebrate holi in school and preschools to increase the fun of celebration and also teach the kids about the importance of this colorful festival Holi.

Science Educational Activity for Children: Make a Rainbow with Mirror!

This article contains a science educational activity for children above an age of 8 years. This is based on the scientific principle of refraction. Children can perform this activity in either classroom or in their homes. This activity helps to teach children scientific principles through easy and fun ways.

A speech on the aftermath of COVID-19

The whole world is reeling under the effects of the contagious disease COVID-19. It becomes necessary to know about the disease in details and about its remedy. The article contains a speech which explains the pandemic in details.

Magic Tricks for Children - Create Milk from Water!

This article contains a safe and easy magic trick for children to perform. In this magic, the magician turns a glass of water first into milk and then again into water. The magic looks complicated enough to be performed on a proper stage. At the same time, this magic act is very simple and even small children can perform the magic easily.

How to Disappear a Coin- Magic Trick for Kids

In this article I would like to introduce the trick behind the magic called how to disappear a coin. This is very interesting magic but trick is very simple. So Children read the whole article and show this magic to your friends and family.

Join Glasses with Air - Science Experiment for Kids

This article provides you an interesting Science Experiment in which you can stick the two glasses with Air and you can separate them only at your will. This is one of the Science trick below given all the details of it like what materials required and how to do it.

Activity for Children: How to Make a Paper Bookmark?

This article details how to make a paper bookmark. You can do it yourself. DIY bookmark sessions are seen everywhere in internet. But this article is about a simple and beautiful bookmark which even a child can create easily. Colourful bookmarks of various designs can be made in this way. It is very cute and beautiful.

Activity for Children: How to Make a Colourful Paper Ruler?

This article details how a child can make a fun and colourful paper ruler (paper scale) on their own. It is a simple paper craft idea for children. It is a good vacation DIY idea. Children can use the paper scale to draw small pictures, draw margins, tear paper etc. But the ruler cannot be used for measuring. Yet, it is a fun craft for children.

Fun Activities Printable Worksheets for Kids

In this article it provides some fun activities worksheets for your kids. These worksheets will help your children in increasing there ability and skills. There are total thirteen worksheets attached, feel free to print.

Easy and Fun Tongue Twisters for Children

This article contains some easy-to-learn tongue twisters to rack the brain and tongue of your kid. You may ask the child to say them as fast as possible without making any errors. The kid who repeats the tongue twister for the longest time wins the game!

Count the Letters - An Educational Game for Kids

This article introduces a new game called 'Count the Letters'. This is an educational game which children can easily play with their friends and classmates. This game helps the child to learn English and Mathematics together.

Tongue Twisters for Children

This article contains easy and fun tongue twisters for children. Tongue Twisters help children to reason with their mind. Thus maze worksheets are good mental exercises. They also help in refining child's pronunciation and speaking abilities.

Games for Children: Spell Card Game

Here is a small and easy-to-play game for children which can be played easily. This is an educational game for kids. This game helps the kids to understand new words and spelling. This game thus improves vocabulary of little kids.

Under-Over - A Game for Children

Under-over is a game which includes physical activity. It is a very easy and fun game. Children can play this game in a small open ground. They don't need anything expensive or dangerous for this game. This game includes a lot of physical activity that it helps children to develop their health as well.

Activities for Children: Make a See-Saw with Candle!

Here is a small activity for children above age 12. The activity is based on the scientific principle of centre of gravity. This can also be done as a small experiment for children. This article is about how to make a small see-saw with a candle. It helps the children to learn science through fun.

Magic Tricks for Kids – Magic Matchbox that Obeys Your Word!

This article explains an easy and stunning magic trick for kids. This magic trick is easy-to-perform and it will amaze the audience. This is not a harmful or dangerous magic trick. Children can perform this trick before the classmates and earn applause.

Fun Tables with Pictures

How to show your child the fun side of learning? From this Maths activity you can teach Maths as interesting way! Your child can learn more about multiplication with times tables up to ten with pictures and flash cards for multiplication.

Phonics Activities for Kids

Boost your children's phonic skills by simply encouraging them to play with and describe various household items! Try to use words and describe objects based on their size, shape, and overall appearance throughout these activities. Some activities included here to teach your children understading alphabets and basic of reading.

Magic Post Card Trick

Read this article to know about magic post card. With the help of magic post card, Rajesh made a magic for which he got applause from his friend.

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