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Are you looking for academic projects for students? You can find good science and maths projects for schools and colleges. Are you preparing for a science exhibition? Find out some interesting work you can showcase in your exhibition.

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Invisible Ink Using An Orange Juice

Read this article to know the details regarding how to make an invisible ink using an orange juice. Here you will get informations like requirements for the experiment, procedure of the experiment, chemistry of the reaction & care needed to be taken while doing the experiment etc.

Importance of Water in Life

In this article we have focused on Water as a vital element for all living species on the earth. A message has been provided to kids for stopping wastage of water in their daily life activities. Like our previous and first article on <a href="">Food chain </a> this is our another effort to spread awareness about preservation of our natural resources.

How to make a Badminton 3 D Model for kids

In smaller classes, kids used to study the indoor game and outdoor games. Sometimes the teacher also asks them to create some 3D models on either outdoor games or indoor games as per their choice. Here I am telling you a simple 3 D model showing the outdoor game i.e. Badminton. Now come and see how to prepare a 3D sport model project at home using minimum resources.

How to Create a Rainbow at Home Using Simple Resources

This is a simple experiment that can be conducted at house using simple resources. This will give you an idea as to how solutions made with the same resources but in different quantities, mix with each other according to there density. Enjoy the rainbow formed using different colored solutions.

Asexual Reproduction in Plants

Reproduction is an important life process which helps in the continuity of life on the Earth. All living beings reproduce either sexually or asexually. This article deals with asexual reproduction in plants.

The Earth's Atmosphere

Earth - our home - is a unique planet in the solar system because it is the only planet in the solar family that supports life. In this project you will come to know about the atmosphere of the Earth which is one of the important spheres of the Earth that helps in supporting life on this planet.

Know Your Planet - The Earth

This project is make the children more familiarize with the planet Earth. This is our home, the planet on which we all live and hence learn some of the facts about Earth. This project will mostly be useful for primary section children.

Make a Volcano for Science Project Quickly

Here is a simple and quick way to make a paper volcano for your school project. You can also learn the whole process with the video at the end of this article. The project is suitable for children of 6th to 9th standards.

How to Make Your Own Weather Indicator

You must have seen weather reports on the T.V. where they tell us about the future weather predictions and about current weather. What if you can predict the weather by your own or tell about the current weather around your house or colony. Here is project to make your own weather indicator or forecaster.

Physics Project: How to Use Electricity to Make a Touch-Me-Not circuit

The project aims at making electrical circuit with the help of a 6-volt battery. This is a very simple and safe circuit for the children that can be used to play with the friends. The circuit is made up of a thin copper wire with a bulb holder attached to it that can be used as a touch-me-not circuit.

How to Show a Volcanic Eruption at Home Using the Baking Soda and Vinegar?

The article explains the procedure to show volcanic eruption at home using the sodium bicarbonate or the baking soda and the vinegar. The children can do this at home without the need for any costly materials. The article provided the reasons for the eruption of the model volcano which is the neutralization reaction occurring between vinegar and baking soda or an acid and a salt.

How to Make a Simple Microscope at Home?

The article explains the procedure to make a simple microscope at home for the kids and others alike. The materials required to make the simple microscope included only a plastic bottle and a plane mirror. Simple microscope is the practical application of the refraction of light through a drop of water. The article also explains the reasons why the simple microscope can be made with these objects.

How to Make an Invisible Ink Using the Things in the Kitchen of Your Home?

The article provided details with regard to the procedure to make the invisible ink using the most basic things available in the kitchens of every house, The children can use it to write secret messages or as an experiment to be displayed in the science exhibitions held in their schools.It also explains the reason for the above results.

Physics Projects for School

Did your teacher ask you to do a physics project for your school? This article gives a general idea on how to do investigatory projects in Physics and how to find topics for projects.

How to Make Your Own pH Indicator Paper at Home

Kids find experimenting as an fun filled activity. Working on various science projects help the students understand the concept better and help in their knowledge. The project of making their own pH indicator paper at home is an easy experiment which kids will find interesting and educational.The materials required for this project are easily available and simple. Parents should supervise and equally participate with the children for making it more fun-filled and understandable for them.

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