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English lessons for kids is most important for all ages so here you will find the answer of your all queries related to English learning for kids. English Section deals with vocabulary, essay, letters, paragraph making, grammar and more information related to English language. Make use of this section to improve your child's English by providing them access to this resources mentioned within the category. Don't forget to print the materials as much as required and help them to enhance their vocabulary skills. You also get a chance to contribute in this section by posting useful information and resources related to English. What more, you would also get to earn good part time revenue by posting more and more articles in this section.

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How to use conjunctions in English

This resource is about to explain the methods to learn English through conjunctions. Many peoples are worried about to speak in English and they feel that it is very difficult to learn and speak English. In this resource, we have given the tips and methods to learn English through conjunctions. This article will be very useful for the Tamil speaking people and those who want to speak in English .

Fun way to Learn adjectives

This article deals with the part of speech known as adjectives. Adjectives are used with nouns to modify them. The types of adjectives are described and an exercise is also given to test the knowledge of the students. This lesson is apt for kids and students below 15 years of age. Hope you enjoy the lesson.

Time to be active...Learn Grammar-Voice

The article is meant for age-group 12 and above. This article contains some attachments which will help you learn Voice. It is divided into Active voice and Passive voice. Most students are not able to score well in the exams due to lack of proper understanding of grammar. The attachments are offering explanations to the rules and a practise exercise is also given. The answers will be provided.

Importance of English and learn the ways to improve it

Hello and welcome. Let us the appreciate the importance of English and learn the ways to improve it. Most of the students have difficulty in speaking English as they hesitate a lot.This article will surely help many students if they follow the methods given below and follow a fixed routine to improve upon their English. So from today onwards let us travel together and improve our prospects for the future.

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