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Student Essay: Charity Begins At Home, Be Charitable Influence Others To Do Charity!

Being charitable is a trait needs to be nurtured from childhood to make the world a better place. Charitable people being good towards everything get success in career and life both. When you help others, that shows up in your trait and people around you learn from you. Helpful people get help from everywhere even without asking for it. Do charity with selflessness; raise your hands to help others. Charity begins at home. Here is an speech for students and can also be used as an essay.

Debate: Is Mobile Phone a Boon or Bane

Mobile phone is a boon or bane is one of the common debate topics in schools and colleges. Here is a debate that discusses the same in detail. If you are looking for some help on a debate or speech on the topic 'cellphone is a bane or boon', you can learn some tips from this.

A Speech for Students on Republic Day of India 2017

The Republic Day 2017 Speech! On 26 January 1950, India became Republic, the Constitution of India became effective, Dr. Rajendra Prasad took Oath of Office as First President of India. Every year we celebrate this day as 'Republic Day' by unfurling Tri Colors and Singing National Anthem 'Jan, Gan, Man...!'

Essay or Speech: What it means to be a good student

Are you looking for a school essay or a speech on the topic - what it means to be a good student or how to become a good student? Here is a good speech on these topics that you may use in your school and win the prize. Don't just copy this speech, instead, use this as a base and make your own.

Debate on Watching TV - Is It Good or Bad

In this article we are going to analyse whether it is good to watch TV or not. The following passage has been developed in the form of a debate arguing both 'for' and 'against' watching TV. It can be adopted by students and used for any relevant debate competitions in schools.

Indian Independence Day speech for children

Do you have to prepare a speech for your child for the Indian Independence Day. It is a proud moment for many parents to see their child giving a speech on the occasion of Independence Day in front of his teachers and fellow students. Here's a speech that has been written for your child in simple words, which make it easy for them to recite and confidently memorize the speech for the Indian Independence Day.

Do every work, Physical or Intellectual, with love and zeal

God has given us eyes to see, ears to hear, legs to walk and hands to do so many wonderful things. Each organ of our body is made in such a way that it helps us to do different things. We have to work for our living and for those who depend on us. If we do not work, the very purpose of our life loses its meanings.

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