Recipes for kids

it is a big question in front of almost every mother that what should they cook for their kids which is nutritional as well as tasty. Here are some recipes for your kids and we are sure they will like it.

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Chocolate Dipped Biscuits Easy Evening Snack for Kids

Kid loves to have a snack on returning home. We as a parent love to provide them nutritious food whereas kids love to eat junk food as their snack always. There are many recipes that can be easily prepared at home which will attract our Busy Bees at home. Here is one like that for you.

Dessert - Mango Ice cream

Ice cream is a dessert loved by each and everyone from big to small especially kids because it is not sour nor hot. It is very soft and delicious. Mango is the king of all fruits and loved by kids so mango Ice cream or Mango milkshakes are the favourite of all kids.

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