Craft by material

Now a days many type of material is used for art and craft projects. Here you will find lots of art and craft ideas using different type of materials like cloth,glass, cardboard etc.

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How to make a Turtle Craft?

Children always like craft. If they find a simple craft which they can make themselves without the help of the parents they will love it. Read this article to know a simple cardboard craft to make a turtle.

How to Make Bandhanwar or Door Hanging at Home for Diwali Decorations

Looking for How to make Bandhanwars or Door hangings at home? Here we are with simple procedure to make Door hanging at home which can be used for Diwali home decorations or any other occasion. Please read below mentioned article to know all about homemade Door hangings or Bandhanwar.

How to Make Floating Candles for Decorations and Gift

Making Floating candles for decoration purpose at home is easy and fulfilled activity, you can make Floating candles at home, and in this article we are going to learn how to make Floating Candles at home to make your decorations complete. You can also use these Floating candles as a gifting option on the occasion of Diwali, Christmas and so on.

How to Make Floating Rangoli for Festive Decorations

Making Floating Rangoli for Diwali decoration at home can be fun, you can make many types of Rangoli at home, in this article we are going to learn how to make Floating Rangoli at home to make your decorations complete.

Tutorial: How to Make a Cute Doll from a Bottle?

This article contains the Do It Yourself (DIY) tutorial to make a cute little doll using a plastic bottle and an ice-cream ball. This is an easy craft for children, and they can make it without the help of parents. This simple craft for children can be fun during vacation time. It helps the child to develop their talent and concentration through the activity of creating something out of useless thins.

Re-use of Glass Bottles and Make it as Painted One

This article will give you the information about how to make painted bottles from the used glass bottles. This painted bottles are easy to make by the following simple steps. The children and mothers can try this graft and place them in the showcases of the house.

How to Make a Velvet Purse?

This is an easy to do craft project for students and moms. In this project, you will make a velvet purse through few easy steps. This is an ideal gift for your teacher or mother.

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