Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks liked by all age groups in this section you will able to find lots of Magic Tricks which you can learn and perform.

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Magic Tricks for Children - Create Milk from Water!

This article contains a safe and easy magic trick for children to perform. In this magic, the magician turns a glass of water first into milk and then again into water. The magic looks complicated enough to be performed on a proper stage. At the same time, this magic act is very simple and even small children can perform the magic easily.

How to Disappear a Coin- Magic Trick for Kids

In this article I would like to introduce the trick behind the magic called how to disappear a coin. This is very interesting magic but trick is very simple. So Children read the whole article and show this magic to your friends and family.

Magic Tricks for Kids – Magic Matchbox that Obeys Your Word!

This article explains an easy and stunning magic trick for kids. This magic trick is easy-to-perform and it will amaze the audience. This is not a harmful or dangerous magic trick. Children can perform this trick before the classmates and earn applause.

Magic Post Card Trick

Read this article to know about magic post card. With the help of magic post card, Rajesh made a magic for which he got applause from his friend.

Magic Cardboard Tube

Read this article to know more about the Magic Cardboard tube which will not fall down from the table, where one end is placed on the table and the other end is free from the table.

Number Guessing Magic Trick for Small Kids

In this article I have discussed about the small but powerful magic technique. You can fool your friends by applying this magical trick. This magic trick is very easy to learn. This magical trick is based on basic maths operations like addition, subtraction e.t.c

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