Children love to play games here you will find lot of fun games which you can enjoy with your friends and family.

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Test Your Brain with the Memory Test Exercise

Here are some exercises for you to test your brain and memory power. The worksheet provides various words starting with the English Alphabets. Just go through the worksheets and memorize it in the same order given below. Read the following to know more.

Count the Letters - An Educational Game for Kids

This article introduces a new game called 'Count the Letters'. This is an educational game which children can easily play with their friends and classmates. This game helps the child to learn English and Mathematics together.

Games for Children: Spell Card Game

Here is a small and easy-to-play game for children which can be played easily. This is an educational game for kids. This game helps the kids to understand new words and spelling. This game thus improves vocabulary of little kids.

Under-Over - A Game for Children

Under-over is a game which includes physical activity. It is a very easy and fun game. Children can play this game in a small open ground. They don't need anything expensive or dangerous for this game. This game includes a lot of physical activity that it helps children to develop their health as well.

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