Printable Puzzles for Kids

Puzzles are the best way to test the ingenuity of the solver. There are many types of puzzles like Sudoku,Jigsaw,Crosswords,Anagrams,Construction puzzles,Transport puzzles,Disentanglement puzzles, Jigsaw puzzles,Lock puzzles,Folding puzzles, Combination puzzles, Mechanical puzzles etc.

Puzzle section of Study Village is especially designed for the kids so that they can test their skill and also enhance their knowledge in a fun way. Here you will find lots of puzzles for every age group so go ahead and solve these puzzles. You can also share your puzzles with us under this section and earn handsome revenue.

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Fun Crosswords for kids

This article provides 9 fun crosswords for kids. Feel free to download crosswords. These crossword will help your children to improve there skills and abilities also. These crosswords are very attractive with so many images so that these crosswords can grab your kids interest.

Easy Level Sudoku Printable Sheets for Kids

The present article provides some printable sheets intending for the children to solve them as they are the one which develop the thinking power along with the interest that they create the solvers. The sheets are in the print format, they can be downloaded along with the answers also that have been provided.

Word Search puzzles for kids

Word Search is a puzzle where the letters are arranged in a grid either in a rectangle or a square shape. The words are arranged in horizontal, vertical or diagonally or in a backward way. So here I have attached few word search puzzles which your little ones will love to solve.

Puzzle with the numbers and shapes !

Mathematics which deals with the numerical values, is a very interesting subject for all age group children. Because kids deal with the numbers in all the activities and for all purposes. Here is simple Sudoku for all age group children to resolve and have fun. Another one puzzle given related to the Geometry part. Its actually to find out the number of triangles hidden in one diagram. So, have fun and solve the puzzle.

Puzzles for Scientific inventions and instruments

Puzzles test brain power like no other type of game. Here is a puzzle about the inventions and all you need to do is, you have to findout the inventor, that is the scientist name without any gaps. So, have fun, and come back again to see " who invented what ?" Here is one more puzzles to find out the instruments and their uses. And different branches of studies. There is no age limit for this puzzle, you can take the help of elders also to know the facts about the scientists.

Countries and their capital cities !

Puzzles test brain power like no other type of game. Here is a puzzle the city name, and you need to find out the country name for which its a capital city. The number of letters for the country mentioned in the brackets near the city name. And one more puzzle is in reverse mode, like Country name will be given and all you need to do is, you have to find the Capital city of that country. So, have fun, and come back again to see what's new!

Word Search puzzles !

Word searches are one of the easiest and interesting word puzzle games to solve as it doesn't require a huge vocabulary, logical thinking or maths and knowledge of synonyms. It requires just the ability to spot letters patterns in a seemingly random jumble of letters. These easy word games are an excellent way for kids and second language learners to acquire new words and improve their spellings. If you are looking to play word search games or puzzles then take a print and solve.

Interesting Crossword puzzles for kids

Children love to solve puzzles with lots of enthusiasm and excitement. They are eager to know the correct answers. So in this article I have attached Puzzle on Opposites which will help our young growing kids to be familiar with these opposites.

Puzzle on countries and their currencies

Puzzles test brain power like no other type of game. Childrens love to solve the puzzles with the enthusiasm to learn new things. So, for them, here is a puzzle with the country name,just try to know the currency of that country.Have fun, and come back again to see what's new!

English Opposites Puzzles for fun and learning

Opposite puzzles can help children learn more about opposites. These printable puzzle worksheets provided within the article can help them revise on what they have learnt so far, and if not learned before this is where they can start. Help you child to learn more about opposites with these printable puzzle worksheets provided within the article.

Interesting Puzzles for children of all ages

Children love puzzles as they work as great fun element for kids. Puzzles are not just any source of entertainment but they also work as great stress busters and provide relaxation to brain. Help you child to enjoy and learn from these printable puzzle pages and help them have a great time.

Jigsaw Puzzle for India Map

On the occassion of Independence day of India, I am posting this jigsaw puzzle for the kids. Parents can use this puzzle as a game as well as a geography exercise. Parents can give the ready puzzle to kids or tell them to make their own puzzle game.

Random letters puzzles for II to VII standard students

In this Article, I have used names of colors, vegetables, fruits, computer parts, geographical information and normally used English words etc. in a sequence of letters arranged in a random order within the puzzles. Children have to find required information out of this random letters list.

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