Abacus/Vedic Maths Worksheets & Assignments

Abacus and Vedic Math are two important ways with which a child can improve and enhance his math calculation skills. Both Abacus and Vedic Math has its unique way of improving math skills as they have a particular way of carrying on additions and subtractions, not to forget the other calculation types. If a child is taught any of the both skills at a very early age say 6 or 7, he or she can perform well in Math by understanding and calculating in mentioned steps that they are been taught. In this section you can find good articles related Abacus as well as Vedic Maths. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge on Abacus as well as Vedic Maths, feel free to post articles and earn some part time revenue.

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Subtraction from base numbers of 10 using Vedic maths

Does your child find it difficult to solve subtractions? This second lesson of Vedic Mathematics will help your child to subtract from base numbers within seconds. Read this illustrative article on vedic maths for learning the trick.

Introduction to Vedic maths

What is Vedic maths? Origination of Vedic maths. Basic sutras. Who all can learn Vedic maths? Maths is made simpler, easier by following these sutras. How to do all calculations in few seconds?

Vedic Maths lesson one for Addition

This lessons introduces the basic concepts of additions in Vedic maths. Here we will study the first sutra and concept of numbers and their friends. This lesson will be useful for Grade 1 and Grade 2 students.Try solving the sums given in the worksheets for practice.

How to teach your child to learn

Teaching your child how to learn and how to write is not a Herculean task, but it is not that easy too. There are some ways which can make your child interested in learning. In this article I have discussed some ways and tricks which make learning interesting for toddlers and kids.

Save Environment Coloring Pages

In this article we have provided coloring pages and posters based on "Save Environment" concept for education and entertainment of your kid. Get Printouts of these images and provide to your children for coloring. These worksheets are not only for enjoying coloring but also teaching your kids, good manners for saving our Natural Resources.

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