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National Inventors' Day : Essay or Speech

The National Inventors' Day celebrated across world to honor the great scientists, engineers, inventors and technologists. Here is a Dissection of National Inventors' Day from across the world. You 'Inventors' surely will enjoy reading.

Ugly Duckling Picture Story and Colouring Pages

Hi kids, Here comes your favourite story "Ugly duckling". In this article, I mentioned about the picture story of "Ugly Duckling" for kids and also we have the ugly duckling colouring pages. So, take your print and colour it and make your own ugly duckling story.

Moral Story The elephant and the rabbit

This is the moral story about a elephant and a rabbit. Once a baby elephant was trapped by the villagers. Her mother was very upset, but with the help of the rabbit, she got back her baby. Common children, lets read the full story, and know, how the elephant save her baby. In this story, we learn that, wisdom wins over the strength.

Harness the goodness from every activity

In this article, we try to bring out the importance of learning to take the good things that comes our way in life. The story is a real incident that describes how a hurting incident can be converted into a boon.

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