Kids Project Ideas

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Importance of Water in Life

In this article we have focused on Water as a vital element for all living species on the earth. A message has been provided to kids for stopping wastage of water in their daily life activities. Like our previous and first article on <a href="">Food chain </a> this is our another effort to spread awareness about preservation of our natural resources.

How to make a Badminton 3 D Model for kids

In smaller classes, kids used to study the indoor game and outdoor games. Sometimes the teacher also asks them to create some 3D models on either outdoor games or indoor games as per their choice. Here I am telling you a simple 3 D model showing the outdoor game i.e. Badminton. Now come and see how to prepare a 3D sport model project at home using minimum resources.

How to Create a Rainbow at Home Using Simple Resources

This is a simple experiment that can be conducted at house using simple resources. This will give you an idea as to how solutions made with the same resources but in different quantities, mix with each other according to there density. Enjoy the rainbow formed using different colored solutions.

The Earth's Atmosphere

Earth - our home - is a unique planet in the solar system because it is the only planet in the solar family that supports life. In this project you will come to know about the atmosphere of the Earth which is one of the important spheres of the Earth that helps in supporting life on this planet.

Know Your Planet - The Earth

This project is make the children more familiarize with the planet Earth. This is our home, the planet on which we all live and hence learn some of the facts about Earth. This project will mostly be useful for primary section children.

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