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Parenting is not a regular job where you work fixed hours everyday and move on. It involves a lot of passion, dedication, patience, hardwork and skills too. Many parents acquire the parenting skills over a period of time, probably after their children no longer need much help! If you see a parent complaining about his children, it means nothing but he hasnt acquired the parenting skills to help their children.

Children spend most part of their time with their parents, than any other place including schools. Starting with waking up, breakfast, other daily routines and sleep, parents need to "on duty". You dont need to go to a college to become a great parent. Many people are simply the great naturally. Many others need some guidance to learn how to become a good dad or mom for their children.

Read our articles from the parenting experts and see how much difference it can make you. Even if you consider yourself as a great parent, when you read some of our articles, you will realize how much your children were missing.

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What to do about sleepwalking disorder in kids

This article explains the tips for parents to help their kids who are suffering from the sleepwalking disorder. It is also known as somnambulism. Little sleepwalkers sometimes may hurt themselves, and thus, parents must take proper care in this aspect.

The Best Methods To Save For Your Child's Education

Are you concerned about saving money for your child's education? Read the following article to get more information about the methods to save for your child's education. We are also providing details about an accounting software.

Should Kids Sleep with Parents

Co-sleeping is a common practice prevalent in many countries including India and many others. Co-sleeping is term referred to the common practice where parents and children share the same bed. This article allows parents to understand Should kids sleep with parents or not.

Best Mobile Apps that can simplify parenting

Learn how parents can solve timing issues with help of mobile apps installed on their handheld devices. Why is usage of parental apps considered to be a popular topic for college papers?

American Education vs Indian Education, Which System is Better

Each and every person has his own opinion about which educational system is preferable, whether Indian education or American education. Thought this argument is debatable the fact remains unchanged that every system has its benefits as well as its loopholes. This article helps everyone to learn more about which system is better, American education or Indian education.

How Can You Prepare Your Children for Exams?

If exams are coming soon and you want to know how to prepare your child for it, some tips are given here about how to motivate your child for annual exams and how they can score well with short period of time. This article will help you to prepare your child with step by step information about giving children practice with worksheets and practice tests with multiple choice questions from study village before their exams.

How to Improve Spoken English for Children

Is your child unhappy about been unable to perform or participate in a social event within school? Is it the poor spoken English that works as a barrier between your child and his success? If yes then parents need to improve spoken English in children for helping them excel and grow confidently. This article helps parents to learn more about spoken English and how they can help improve spoken English in children.

How to Encourage Children Eat Vegetables and Fruits in a Fun Way

Does your child refuse to eat vegetables or fruits ? Then you are on the right page. In this article you will learn How you can encourage your children to eat vegetables, making vegetable art for children, tips to add more fruits & vegetables in child diet, some healthy ways to make quick vegetable snacks for your kids, Vegetable Games for Kids and all what you need to make your child eat fruit and vegetables.

How to Make Kids like to Go to School

Most of the children complain of not liking school in their early days. This is the time, when parents should actually try to identify what the real problem is. It may either be just boredom or stress factor that makes a child hate school. This article helps parents to understand every detail they need to know about how to make kids like to go to school.

New Born Baby Care and Information

Having a baby in the house is a wonderful experience for parents, specially when it is your first baby. There are many questions running in the mind about the care of your baby. So in this article I have written a few points to be considered about your new born child.

How to Handle Teething Problems in Kids: Toothloss Issues and Remedies (with images)

Among the zillions of issues to handle while raining a child, teething period of kids can bring an array of assorted problems like toothache, fall of teeth before time, darkened teeth as a result of fall, long gap between loss of teeth and showing up of new adult teeth etc. Even though you know a lot you need timely expert advice to keep your doubts regarding teething problems in kids. Here are some real tooth loss images, home remedies and solutions for teething period of your kid.

How to Choose Safe Toys for Kids

Are you going to purchase toys for your kids? Then you have to be careful in selecting the right toys for your kids. Now a day's market is flooded with many kinds of toys so it becomes more difficult to figure out the best toy for your kid. Read the guidelines and ideas to keep in mind when you are going to buy toys for your kids. This article will help you to Choosing Safe Toys for children of all ages especially the school going kids.

How to Improve Memory and Health of Your Kid

During and before examination, there is a lot of pressure on kids. This is not only for study but also for their parent's expectation. The hectic life schedule and food pattern of modern age puts a very bad affect on kid's mental ability and health. Parents can take some easy but necessary measures for improving memory and health of their kids. Here we are going to provide some tips, that parents can follow, for improving their kids.

How to Develop Personality of Children

Developing a child's personality is an essential element in today's competitive world. A developed personality is definitely a key to success. Though developing personality in children is a slow and steady process yet with proper patience parents can definitely get it through. This article helps parents to learn more about how to develop personality of children.

Homeschooling in India, Advantages and Disadvantage of Homeschooling

Does your child hate going to school? Are worried about the safety of your kids in school? Then why do not you try homeschooling for your kids as it gaining popularity day by day in India also like USA. Please read the article given below to get more information about Homeschooling in India and its advantages and disadvantages.

How to Make Examination Planner for Your Kid?

Before final exams, last two months duration is the most important time, not only for students but for their parents also. This is the time when parents should take more care of their kids. They should make a complete planner for study of kids before examination. In this article, We are briefing some important points which are most necessary to consider while making proper planner for your kids.

Super Foods: Foods that Improve the Memory of Kids

This article details the various food items that help to boost a child's memory during exams. Superfoods, which improve the child's learning abilities, help him/her to score good marks. This article tells which food to eat during exams and which to avoid during exams. It also gives the nutrition content in some food items.

Learn to Say 'No'

This article provides you some lessons on How to say 'No'. It is the most difficult thing ie to say 'no' to someone you love like your friends but there are some conditions in which children's should learn to say 'No'. In this article I have provided two incidents of two friends. This article will help your children in increasing there internal power and strength to say 'no' to their friends for bad things.

How to Help Children Improve Vocabulary

Vocabulary is an important key of success. People judge you by the words you use. Growing kids learn the new words from a variety of sources, including everyday conversations. Parents can also help the child to learn and improve vocabulary. In this article we discuss about the importance of good vocabulary and tips for the parents on How to help children improve vocabulary.

Effects of Parents Workload on Children

At present, both the parents and working and facing tremendous work pressure. As a result, they can not spend time with their children and it is adversely affecting the growth of children. This article explains the negative effects of parents workload on children.

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