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12 Golden Tips to Develop Your Child's Self Esteem

Ever felt your child is nervous in the presence of other people ? There may be many reasons for the unsocial behaviour observed in children. Yet, the most obvious reason being noticed among many kids is none other than "Lack of self esteem".Hence in this article I am sharing these twelve golden tips for improving self esteem in your children.

Learn Concept of Shapes by Drawing and Coloring Shapes

Shape may have a very big definition, but when you ask a child about shapes - What do they answer? If you are not aware of such interesting moment with your kid, don't let this beautiful opportunity go just like that..! Gift this resource to your child to go them beyond their horizon of thinking and discover the totally new kid at your home, your kid! To know more see below. Have a nice day! :)

Interesting facts about Baking Powder

Interested to know more about Baking powder? Searching for details of leavening agent added to baked goods? If yes, here comes the post that provides you information about baking powder and its uses, reactions, types of baking powder, how to test the quality of a baking powder? and many more.

Let us learn the names of our body parts.

At the elementary level, every kid is taught things in a manner they can easily learn. This post will help kids learn the names of the body parts. An exercise is also given to test the understanding of the kids. Also 'match the following' exercise is provided to help students memorize faster. Hope you will enjoy it!

A friend or Enemy - what computer is?

Hi kids, Have you ever imagined to have a friend who can be with you whenever you want, who never fights and who enjoys play and study with you? Sounds amazing! Isn't it? YES! Computers, now a days, are our best friends. Why and How? Well, to get the answer read this article

How to Tackle Exam Stress for Children?

In this article I am discussing the reasons that make children stressed during exams. Children now-a-days lead a stressful life and often they fall prey to exam stress and cannot perform well in exam. Here you will find ways how to tackle exam stress.

How to improve your Parenting Skills

Parenting skills were not needed in the olden days when Joint families ruled, but now in the massive arise of small nuclear families these young and new parents need help. Here I am trying to help you out with the basic parenting skills every parent will need to know at one time or the other.

Food chain - A flow of life within living species.

In this Article, we have tried to explore a very important biological issue in front of the kids and impart our social responsibility towards our mother-nature. While writing this article we have tried to keep our language very simple for kids and tried to replace complicated biological terms with simple but meaning words.

The Mysterious Nature

Hi kids! We are all aware of the word 'Nature', isn't it! But this is the 'Nature' only which surprises us, almost always, amazingly isn't it? Know WHY? Because, besides us the human beings, many other creatures live in the 'Nature' also who are so different from us. And some animals like Dinosaurs also once lived in this 'Nature' only... Yes, in this resource you are going to learn about different characters of 'Nature'! See the description for details. Best of LUCK. :)

Alphabetical list of animals, birds, ocean-animals

Are you searching for alphabetical list of animals, sea animals or birds. Here we have all together. In this article, I have mentioned, a-z name of animals, a-z name of birds, a-z name of ocean-animals. So, common lets learn alphabetical list of animals, birds, and marine-life. I hope this article will help the parents for school projects.

The Respiratory System

This articles gives a brief about our respiratory system, its functions and other aspects related to the respiratory system. The article is a part of the series 'Our Body - Greatest Engineering Ever'.

How to use prepositions in English language?

Prepositions are part and parcel of English language. Children have to learn perfectly how to use these prepositions correctly in their writing as well as in their speaking. In this article, I gave an account of some common prepositions and their proper usage in English language with examples.

Our Body - Greatest Engineering Ever

This article is a sum-up of the various aspects of the wonder called human Body. Its is a comprehensive collection of our basic understanding of our body and all its comprising systems like digestive , respiratory and other systems. It is an extensive article series on Human body.

Early Human’s Life – 3

In continuation to our earlier two educational posts on early human’s life this article includes some exciting inventions by early humans. Parents should provide printout of this post to their kids for enhancing their knowledge about our ancestors.

Early Human’s Life – 2

It took millions of years for early humans to be civilized and during this period they did a lot of efforts to improve themselves. In this educational article we are going to explore some more inventions done by early humans. Parents should provide such educational contents to their kids to make them understand our evolution and value of natural resources for us.

Early Human's Life

In early days, human life was very hard. They spent their life in caves, wrap animal skin and tree leaves over their body and hunt animals for food. With time, they discovered many good things like fire, tools, farming etc. that made their life better than earlier. But these changes in early human's life had taken a very long time. Through 'Early Human's Life' educational series, we are trying to take some snapshots of efforts made by early humans to become civilized.

Importance of Means of Transports in Human Life

In the series of educational contents, here we again come up with another knowledge based resource for kids. In this article, we are exploring one of the very important objects around us i.e., Means of Transport. Through this article, kids will gain knowledge about different types of transports and their importance in our life.

How to prepare lessons plans for teaching Adding/Subtracting to kids

Teachers put time and effort to prepare their middle grade students with many new practical methods. One of them is lessoning plan that teacher always like to use in their Math’s classrooms. Here defined a lesson plan showing an about adding and subtracting of one digit and two digit numbers in the way of party concept.

Importance of food for kids

Who gives us energy for all the work of the body goes on smoothly? Food gives us energy for the different movements our body. The article is about importance of food and its constituents in our life. Article contains all information about how is food helpful to us. children will like to read about this science topic.

How to improve handwriting of kids

Parents often wonder why kids score less mark in written exams even when they are thoroughly prepared. Kids score great in oral exams, but when it comes to writing their poor handwriting stays as a big hurdle in their way of achievement. Here are few tips which may help in improving the handwriting of kids.

Importance of Means of Communication

Devices used to talk, or to send message from one end to other; or from one person to other are called means of communication. Means of Communication are the necessary part of present life. Students should know about the importance of these communication devices. In this article we have provided details and importance of these devices with some attractive images.

Importance Of Helpers Around Us

This article is directly addressed for all kids. With this article they will come to know the various helpers around us and their importance in our life. They will know about our direct and indirect helpers and why do we need them. The importance and benefits of human interdependencies in society also highlighted.

The basics, languages and software in computer systems

The computer is used today every place in the world. The children must have the basic knowledge about the computer. This resource gives fundamental concepts, basics and importance of computers. The languages, components and software used in computers are also stated in this article. This resource will be very useful to the children to know more about the computers and its fundamentals.

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