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True story2 - Guru Nanak Dev Ji and the fruit of Honesty

As we all know that Guru Nanak Dev ji was a great saint and the first guru of Sikhism. He was also the founder of Sikh religion. This story based on one of the true events in his life. The objective of the story is 'The honesty is the best policy' for everyone to live a peaceful and respected life. We should tell this type of inspirational stories to our kids so that they should learn good lesson from us and be a good person in future.

True story - Guru Nanak Dev ji and Brahmins at Haridwar

Guru Nanak Dev ji was the first Guru of Sikh religion. He had a great personality and was a true messenger of god. He started Sikh religion and gave a slogan of Ek-Onkar, which means 'God is One'. He did not believed in different religions and casts. He said, "Love and help others and be kind to everyone."

Best Education Websites in India for Children

There are plenty of websites for children in India that specifically help children to deal with the educational system in India. Find out the list of best Indian educational websites for children.

Does schools kill the creativity of a child ?

This article is about some thoughts which came into my mind when I was searching for a right school for my child. The syllabus and education system I seen while trying to take admission for child really made me wonder "Will the school kill my baby's creativity?"

Festember - The annual cultural festival of NIT Trichy

Welcome to Festember’11, where night is young and the days are long, let the party begin in this Vegas themed cult fest Of NIT Trichy. Four nights and three days of sheer enjoyment where the moods and the motley crowds merge to embark on a journey that rejoices in creativity and imagination.

How to write a good essay?

An Essay is an explanation of any matter or theme. With the help of essay, the writer desires to express his/her views and expression in a prominent way. For a finest essay or article writing, a writer must be acquainted with profoundly about the matter as well as the language procedure. Every person has a different writing skill and quality, due to which we are getting different types of articles and essay by different writers.

Causes of anger and how to control anger in children

In this article I am discussing the causes of anger in children in detail, and being a parent how you can deal with angry and aggressive behaviour of your child. Children are miniature adults and they may show anger, but controlling the ill temper in children does completely rely upon parents. Here is how to control the intense anger in children .

How to develop positive attitude in children

Each and every parent in this universe has only one dream that their kids should grow up smart. That their kids should always look confident and have a positive attitude which will help them achieve success. But not many parents can confirm that their kids have a positive attitude. There is presently so much negativity around on how hard you try, your kids will fail to develop positive attitude in themselves. Here are few tips which can help develop positive attitude in children.

How to improve memory power in kids?

Parents often wonder what goes wrong when it comes to developing the memory of their kids. They provide kids with everything the kids need and yet kids aren't performing up to their mark. In fact every kid has their own reasons for poor memory development. Here are few ways which can work better when it comes on improving the memory of children.

How to be a role model for your children

We all are often confused with the very much sought after word "Role Model". Though everyone knows what it means, have you ever made yourself fortunate to think on how to be the right role model for your kid ? I am telling you, its no more as hard as nails. In this article, you will come across why and how to be a perfect role model for your child.

How to improve confidence in children

Children now face the world at an early age. At three or four years of age they have to compete with their peers. In this article I am discussing the ways how you can help your child to improve confidence and be a winner in every situation. Moreover you will find here the best tips that you can apply everyday to boost your child's confidence.

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