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How to Handle Teething Problems in Kids: Toothloss Issues and Remedies (with images)

Among the zillions of issues to handle while raining a child, teething period of kids can bring an array of assorted problems like toothache, fall of teeth before time, darkened teeth as a result of fall, long gap between loss of teeth and showing up of new adult teeth etc. Even though you know a lot you need timely expert advice to keep your doubts regarding teething problems in kids. Here are some real tooth loss images, home remedies and solutions for teething period of your kid.

How to Choose Safe Toys for Kids

Are you going to purchase toys for your kids? Then you have to be careful in selecting the right toys for your kids. Now a day's market is flooded with many kinds of toys so it becomes more difficult to figure out the best toy for your kid. Read the guidelines and ideas to keep in mind when you are going to buy toys for your kids. This article will help you to Choosing Safe Toys for children of all ages especially the school going kids.

How to Develop Personality of Children

Developing a child's personality is an essential element in today's competitive world. A developed personality is definitely a key to success. Though developing personality in children is a slow and steady process yet with proper patience parents can definitely get it through. This article helps parents to learn more about how to develop personality of children.

Homeschooling in India, Advantages and Disadvantage of Homeschooling

Does your child hate going to school? Are worried about the safety of your kids in school? Then why do not you try homeschooling for your kids as it gaining popularity day by day in India also like USA. Please read the article given below to get more information about Homeschooling in India and its advantages and disadvantages.

How to Make Examination Planner for Your Kid?

Before final exams, last two months duration is the most important time, not only for students but for their parents also. This is the time when parents should take more care of their kids. They should make a complete planner for study of kids before examination. In this article, We are briefing some important points which are most necessary to consider while making proper planner for your kids.

Super Foods: Foods that Improve the Memory of Kids

This article details the various food items that help to boost a child's memory during exams. Superfoods, which improve the child's learning abilities, help him/her to score good marks. This article tells which food to eat during exams and which to avoid during exams. It also gives the nutrition content in some food items.

Learn to Say 'No'

This article provides you some lessons on How to say 'No'. It is the most difficult thing ie to say 'no' to someone you love like your friends but there are some conditions in which children's should learn to say 'No'. In this article I have provided two incidents of two friends. This article will help your children in increasing there internal power and strength to say 'no' to their friends for bad things.

How to Help Children Improve Vocabulary

Vocabulary is an important key of success. People judge you by the words you use. Growing kids learn the new words from a variety of sources, including everyday conversations. Parents can also help the child to learn and improve vocabulary. In this article we discuss about the importance of good vocabulary and tips for the parents on How to help children improve vocabulary.

Effects of Parents Workload on Children

At present, both the parents and working and facing tremendous work pressure. As a result, they can not spend time with their children and it is adversely affecting the growth of children. This article explains the negative effects of parents workload on children.

Child Labour is a Human Rights Issue in India and World Wide

The child labour in India and world wide is a human rights issue and the most of the parents never allow their children to get primary education. This article will give you the information about child labour in India and the parents, governments part in stopping the child labour in India. The various methods and action to be taken to prevent the child labors are also presented in this article.

How to Develop Positive Thinking in Kids

All parents want their children to grow up as confident and positive attitude person in life. Positive affirmations are one of the simplest way of developing positive thinking in children of all age groups, provided it is used in right manner.

How to Handle Bullies at School

Bullying is a very common problem at schools, colleges and even offices. It has now become a very serious problem and even leads to suicide. This article shows you why some children bully, what should you do to avoid being bullied and what parents should do in case their child is being bullied.

Simple Tips on How to Tackle Exams

Every student is involved in writing examinations which is a part of student's life. Students naturally tend to feel the stress and tension at the time of exams. This article deals with some simple tips for students to tackle the exam fear.

Identifying your kids talent

We as parents are responsible for our kids talents. It is our vital role to find and nurture that talent. Need help in identifying your kids hidden talent? Read article for more interesting information.

How to help a child with exam fear

Have you ever witnessed a child going completely blank during examinations or falling sick as soon as the examination days come close by? If yes then your child definitely has excessive exam fear which can be a reason for all these sickness or blank memory. This article helps parents to learn more about exam fear and they can help their child to overcome the same.

Best paid educational sites for children

Are you looking out for best paid educational websites for children? If yes then your search ends here, as we at Study Village provide you names of best paid educational websites that will allow your young ones to explore their knowledge and also provide them with entertainment. This article lists names of few paid educational websites for kids.

How to train your children to be a good leader?

Everyone wants their children to have the qualities to lead the society. Or in other words, leadership qualities. You can develop leadership qualities in your child just by following some simple steps. Here, in this article, I'll discuss some of those steps, through which you can develop leadership qualities in your child.

Indian Independence day speech for school children

India is celebrating its 65th Independence day on Aug 15th 2011. Every school and institution in India, celebrates this day by hoisting the tri-colour flag and saluting the heroes of yesterday and today. It is a practice for one of the student to deliver a small speech on Independence Day.

How to improve concentration power in children

Does your child have an habit of fidgeting with something while studying or does your child feel sleepy when he is trying to finish his school homework? If yes, then maybe your child has poor concentration power and hence is not able to focus on his studies or any other activities. Parents can definitely help their children to improve their concentration power. This article helps parents to learn more about how to improve concentration power in children.

How to improve communication skills in children

Effective communication skills go a long way to help your child achieve success. Parents should take efforts to help improve communication skills in their children which will help them to express and reveal their thoughts and ideas in a clear way. This article helps parents to learn more about communication skills and how to improve communication skills in children.

Good touch and bad touch - is it very important

Have you heard your daughter or son say mom/dad, uncle is pinching me or he is talking to me bad? If so, this article is for those parents, who have heard such words of cries from their kids about friends and family. It is better to pay heed to those words of your kids.

Bedwetting problem: How to deal with bed wetting

This article has been penned on the major problem of bed wetting or Nocturnal Enuresis found in children worldwide. It is a shameful situation for both the parents and the kids, but is it not a problem which cannot be cured.

Punishments or a reward - which is better for children

Do you thing punishment is the only way to teach your child good manners.Punishments or a reward which is better for children, is always a point of discussion among the parents as they do not understand that what will be good for their kids. In this article we try to find which is better option for children and up to which extent.

How watching movies impact children

Watching movies has known to have both positive as well as negative impact on a child’s mind as well on his overall development. Movies with social message or pure fun can be worth watching but movies with too much of violence and mean messages are of no good to children. This article helps parents to learn more about each different genre of movies and its impact on children.

How to overcome stage fright in children

Does your child tend to forget lines or get sick in the middle of his performance in school? If yes then your child definitely has stage fright which is found in many children. Stage fright is similar to a phobia where a child is scared of performing on stage in front of others and parents can definitely help children to overcome stage fright. This article helps parents to learn more about stage fright in children and how to overcome the same.

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