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Parenting is not a regular job where you work fixed hours everyday and move on. It involves a lot of passion, dedication, patience, hardwork and skills too. Many parents acquire the parenting skills over a period of time, probably after their children no longer need much help! If you see a parent complaining about his children, it means nothing but he hasnt acquired the parenting skills to help their children.

Children spend most part of their time with their parents, than any other place including schools. Starting with waking up, breakfast, other daily routines and sleep, parents need to "on duty". You dont need to go to a college to become a great parent. Many people are simply the great naturally. Many others need some guidance to learn how to become a good dad or mom for their children.

Read our articles from the parenting experts and see how much difference it can make you. Even if you consider yourself as a great parent, when you read some of our articles, you will realize how much your children were missing.

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How to Handle Bullies at School

Bullying is a very common problem at schools, colleges and even offices. It has now become a very serious problem and even leads to suicide. This article shows you why some children bully, what should you do to avoid being bullied and what parents should do in case their child is being bullied.

Parental Care and Good Manners for Kids

Home is the first primary school for a kids. Behavior of family members and family environment puts negative or positive affect on baby and the same reflects in his behavior. Teaching good manners to a kid is the responsibility of parents. A better family environment grows up a decent kid and a bad family environment grows up a kid with indecent behavior.

Simple Tips on How to Tackle Exams

Every student is involved in writing examinations which is a part of student's life. Students naturally tend to feel the stress and tension at the time of exams. This article deals with some simple tips for students to tackle the exam fear.

How to Make Your Kid Study Sincerely

In this article you will get all the important thoughts what your kid will be thinking if you force them to do anything. I have also included how to make your kid study well and also what not to do with your kids.

How to Study Effectively

Sometimes even after spending hours for studies student don't get good marks, or you can say they can't remember a thing for a longer time. Therefore, how to study effectively is a big question. Here in this article I've discussed the ways through which you can study effectively.

Identifying your kids talent

We as parents are responsible for our kids talents. It is our vital role to find and nurture that talent. Need help in identifying your kids hidden talent? Read article for more interesting information.

How to help a child with exam fear

Have you ever witnessed a child going completely blank during examinations or falling sick as soon as the examination days come close by? If yes then your child definitely has excessive exam fear which can be a reason for all these sickness or blank memory. This article helps parents to learn more about exam fear and they can help their child to overcome the same.

Best paid educational sites for children

Are you looking out for best paid educational websites for children? If yes then your search ends here, as we at Study Village provide you names of best paid educational websites that will allow your young ones to explore their knowledge and also provide them with entertainment. This article lists names of few paid educational websites for kids.

How to train your children to be a good leader?

Everyone wants their children to have the qualities to lead the society. Or in other words, leadership qualities. You can develop leadership qualities in your child just by following some simple steps. Here, in this article, I'll discuss some of those steps, through which you can develop leadership qualities in your child.

Indian Independence day speech for school children

India is celebrating its 65th Independence day on Aug 15th 2011. Every school and institution in India, celebrates this day by hoisting the tri-colour flag and saluting the heroes of yesterday and today. It is a practice for one of the student to deliver a small speech on Independence Day.

How to improve concentration power in children

Does your child have an habit of fidgeting with something while studying or does your child feel sleepy when he is trying to finish his school homework? If yes, then maybe your child has poor concentration power and hence is not able to focus on his studies or any other activities. Parents can definitely help their children to improve their concentration power. This article helps parents to learn more about how to improve concentration power in children.

How to improve communication skills in children

Effective communication skills go a long way to help your child achieve success. Parents should take efforts to help improve communication skills in their children which will help them to express and reveal their thoughts and ideas in a clear way. This article helps parents to learn more about communication skills and how to improve communication skills in children.

Good touch and bad touch - is it very important

Have you heard your daughter or son say mom/dad, uncle is pinching me or he is talking to me bad? If so, this article is for those parents, who have heard such words of cries from their kids about friends and family. It is better to pay heed to those words of your kids.

Bedwetting problem: How to deal with bed wetting

This article has been penned on the major problem of bed wetting or Nocturnal Enuresis found in children worldwide. It is a shameful situation for both the parents and the kids, but is it not a problem which cannot be cured.

Punishments or a reward - which is better for children

Do you thing punishment is the only way to teach your child good manners.Punishments or a reward which is better for children, is always a point of discussion among the parents as they do not understand that what will be good for their kids. In this article we try to find which is better option for children and up to which extent.

How watching movies impact children

Watching movies has known to have both positive as well as negative impact on a child’s mind as well on his overall development. Movies with social message or pure fun can be worth watching but movies with too much of violence and mean messages are of no good to children. This article helps parents to learn more about each different genre of movies and its impact on children.

How to overcome stage fright in children

Does your child tend to forget lines or get sick in the middle of his performance in school? If yes then your child definitely has stage fright which is found in many children. Stage fright is similar to a phobia where a child is scared of performing on stage in front of others and parents can definitely help children to overcome stage fright. This article helps parents to learn more about stage fright in children and how to overcome the same.

How to develop positive thinking in children

Positive thinking should be taught to children from a younger age. Developing positive thinking in children is not that tough if you follow some simple steps in your daily life. Here are some of the tips and information about developing positive thinking in children.

How to say No to Children

Are you one of those parents who have a problem in saying “No” to his child for an act which he finds wrong? If your answer is yes, then do remember you are not the only one who faces this situation but there are many others who go through the same thing when it come to saying No to children. This article helps parents to understand about how to say no to children.

Free magic tricks learning websites for children

Aren’t all kids excited with the idea of learning magic and to perform learned magic tricks in front of everyone like a magician? Allow your kids to embrace this passion and let them learn some interesting as well as easy magic tricks by visiting free magic learning websites for children. This article helps parents to learn more about free magic tricks learning websites for children.

How workload of the parents impact the child

In the today scenario income of the one person is not sufficient to earn better livelihood and other facilities of the life. So it becomes almost mandatory for both the parents to work for their healthy sustenance. But do you know that this increasing workload of the parents impact the child in many ways. In this article we are discussing about the impacts of the parents workload on kids.

How to plan a Birthday party for kids

Birthday is the most precious day of every child and the parents try to make this day even more precious and memorable for their dear ones. In this article we are discussing about how we can plan a great birthday party for our kids which they will never forget till their next birthday.

Common psychiatric problems in children

Common psychiatric problems are often diagnosed in many children at a very early age. If not known and treated on time such psychiatric disorders can have adverse affect on a child's health and future. This article helps parents to learn and understand about the common psychiatric problems in children.

Should parents help their children with homework

Homework is assigned by schools for individual and independent growth of a child. And hence many parents opt out of it, even schools want parents to do the same. But there is much more than this related to homework. A parental involvement may just work wonder in a child’s development. This article helps parents to understand how parental involvement in their children’s homework may turn out beneficial.

How to teach kids to share

The concept of sharing works as an important lesson for any child. Not each and every child wishes to share but if parents teach them the importance of sharing and how it can be done, then the child would learn to share easily. This article helps parents to learn how to teach kids to share.

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