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Tips for student who preparing for Board Exams.

Board exams are such an exam, in which everyone is nervous, but this is not a big deal. The exam pattern is not so difficult that you get scared in this way. The way you prepare for the local exam, the board exam is the same. If you will do your work properly with self-confidence and read according then you will not have any problem.

How to select the Best Medical Coaching Institute for NEET?

However, there are so many coaching institutes in Delhi which is considered to be the hub for NEET aspirants, and selecting one can become difficult. But not to worry, as here you will get help in how to make up your mind when looking for a best medical coaching institute in Delhi.

Top Web Design Trends 2020

Designers need to be open-minded and adopt new changes quickly. In this article we discuss some mind-blowing trends we are likely to see in 2020 involve 3D elements, Augmented Reality, animations, illustrations, and typography, data visualization, and voice interactions.

Biography of Swami Vivekananda

In this essay, I am briefly mentioning the biography of Swami Vivekananda who was our great leader. He influenced the world with his teachings. From his childhood, he was intelligent, scholarly and a firm believer in God.

Printable Maze Game for your little ones

This article contains a few printable maze games for your little ones. Help your kids to find the correct path and help them grow their intelligence. These fun mazes are not so difficult but it will really amuse your children. Give it a try.

A speech on the aftermath of COVID-19

The whole world is reeling under the effects of the contagious disease COVID-19. It becomes necessary to know about the disease in details and about its remedy. The article contains a speech which explains the pandemic in details.

Power of truth is more comparing with lie

In this resource, children reform themselves after reading and understanding the bad happened due to lie. Children can withstand with the power of truth and habituate it. I think the last sentence in this essay would be more impressive for the children.

Corona virus essay for class VIII students

Corona virus has spread in the world in form of a pandemic and the whole world is under a wave of fear and apprehension about its ill effects. As there is no drug invented for this deadly infection, we have to take precautions to avoid and contain it.

Coronavirus lockdown essays for primary class students

Write a 450-500 word essay on how you spent your time during the coronavirus lockdown. Describe what you liked about the lockdown and things you did not like. The following essays are suitable for primary school children in classes 3 to 5.

How to make a Turtle Craft?

Children always like craft. If they find a simple craft which they can make themselves without the help of the parents they will love it. Read this article to know a simple cardboard craft to make a turtle.

Preventive measures and home care tips for sleepwalking kids

The sleepwalking disorder is also known as somnambulism. This sleep disorder is responsible for little sleepwalkers to wander around in their sleep. This article explains various preventive measures and lifestyle changes which can prevent this disorder from developing in kids.

Jumbled sentences for std 2

Jumbled sentences is a very common topic in English Grammar. However, this needs to be dine thoroughly by the students in order to make error free sentences. The worksheets on Jumbled Sentences will help the children in understanding the basics of proper sentence making. The worksheets are for students studying in standard 2.

10 Tips for parents to promote mental health in young kids

There are lots of factors that affect mental wellness. Even kids at a young age may isolate themselves, feel stressed and depressed. This article provides tips for parents in promoting good mental and emotional health in their kids.

6 Tips for Parents to encourage creativity in Kids

Kids are born with innovator characteristics. Creativity and imagination in them are in-built. This article explains how parents can play an important role in kids life by providing a perfect environment to boost their creative ideas and innovative skills.

Fun Math Activities for Preschoolers

Preschoolers learn to enjoy Math provided parents and teachers make it a fun activity. Yes, math can be fun, as this article demonstrates. Follow the simple math-related activities for young children and equip your young one for success at school.

Telling the number of boys and girls in a family

This is a very interesting fun activity using numbers and some basic calculations and then arriving at the number of boys and girls in a family. The children would always be impressed by the person who tells it and they would be surprisingly thinking as how the person could do it.

What is the Importance of computer in our life?

The computer is an extraordinary discovery to simplify. It is a device that stores a lot of data inside itself. Running a computer has become a common practice. everyone can work on the computer and through the computer, they are expanding their business. The earlier computer was a system which could not carry out but today we can carry it with us a computer is a device that allows us to do maximum work with less time. This reduces the hard work of humans and does not need to work hard due to the computer.

A small speech on the Republic Day- 26th January

Respected Principal sir, teachers, students, ladies, and gentleman Today, on the auspicious occasion of 26th January, I want to keep my point as we know that 26th Januari is celebrated as Republic Day Do you know what the Republic means? Republic means Governance by the people for the people

Draw your sketch and guess my sketch

Indoor fun games which can be played by the parents with the children are very enjoyable and help in sharpening the children's mind. This is one such game that enhances the sketching skills of the children.

Why English Grammar is Important for grammatical Speaking-Introduction

Speaking english is a trend nowadays . It is common to speak English, but speaking English correctly is a different thing. It should be kept in mind that when we are speaking English there is no grammatical error of any kind. Let's see some important points like ,Tense, Structures, Parts of Speech.

Respect a small word but a meaningful title

There were two brothers in a village, Ranjan and Satish.Satish is younger than Ranjan. Satish was small but they were different in nature. If Ranjan had to call someone older than himself, he would call him by his name while Satish was older than his uncle. Ji used to call. Ranjan always used to play sports and used to harass other boys

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