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Worksheets on Bengali Numbers for practice

Hello Kids! I hope it was fun learning Bengali language (the Bengali Vowels and Consonants) in the earlier resources! I wish you have done your Exercise very well, isn't it? I wish you luck for that! Well, now you are going to learn the Numbers in Bengali! Once you learn the numbers in Bengali, I'll let you know about a sweet poem which is definitely going to make you very happy! See the Description for details. And best of luck! :)

How to write Bengali Consonants!

Like we know "Consonants" can not be pronounced on its own or without any help of the vowels, similarly Bengali consonants too cannot be pronounced without any help of Bengali vowels! Isn't it really very easy to remember! See the following for details. Have fun learning a new language!

Bengali Worksheets on Vowels

If you want to learn the Bengali language in an easy way then you are on the right place. In this resource you will find the Vowels in Bengali language. Follow the steps as shown using the arrows and then write on your own in the given space below each worksheets! You can even trace and write on them. To know more about the vowels, see the Description below.
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