How to be an effective parent? Find articles on Effective Parenting

Are you looking for articles on effective parenting? Find expert articles from the parents who are good in solving problems and helping students with years of experience in dealinng with problems in students.

Effective Parenting is a lot more than just feeding and teaching your children. Understanding problems and helping your children when they need help is the key to effective parenting.

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How to Handle Bullies at School

Bullying is a very common problem at schools, colleges and even offices. It has now become a very serious problem and even leads to suicide. This article shows you why some children bully, what should you do to avoid being bullied and what parents should do in case their child is being bullied.

Bedwetting problem: How to deal with bed wetting

This article has been penned on the major problem of bed wetting or Nocturnal Enuresis found in children worldwide. It is a shameful situation for both the parents and the kids, but is it not a problem which cannot be cured.

How to avoid shyness in kids

If you have a shy kid in your home, then you are left up for a demanding task. Though the task of overcoming shyness in kids is a demanding task, it is definitely not that difficult at all. Learn more about how to avoid shyness in kids in the following article.
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